Saturday, January 3, 2009

In 2009, I intend to...

1. Save a bigger % each month for a place of my own / vacation.

2. Stick to a budget with makeup (I have a specific max amount in mind for the year).

3. Use up existing skincare before buying new products.

4. Fashion - only buy what is absolutely necessary, or a truly unique useful piece. Don't just spend money because there's a sale or it looked good on the model.

5. Spend less time internet window shopping and more time reading useful books

6. Eat healthier foods. More fruits and veg, less sugar and grease which I noticed gave me more pimples :S

7. Sleep earlier, and get more sleep, especially on weekdays. Stick to a schedule.

8. Find a fitness class that I really like (that doesn't cost an arm and leg). Workout regularly.

9. Do a better job at keeping in touch with my family. Call more.

10. Be more optimistic and less cynical.

I've never done resolutions in the past, but am trying to this year. Honestly I was rather disappointed with the second half of 2008 (hence obsessive compulsive spending to deal with it...). I feel as though I could've accomplished more, but instead ended up procrastinating a number of things. I don't intend to try all of these resolutions at once, but tackling them a few at a time should help me spend my spare time more productively. The past couple of days have not been a good start to the New Year either but hey, it can only get better from here.


AskMeWhats said...

aww..goodluck with your resolutions! The year 2008 has been the most expensive year for me too! :) Goodluck!

Angie said...

I like your resolutions! I could apply most of them to myself! One step at a time! It's so hard to change habits, esp spending habits.

The mascaras don't look bad! Have you tried layering them with other mascaras?

I really like Visee! I still need to try the Glam eyes. I like the Jewel Crush Eyes. The glitter looks like it may be too much, but it's quite flattering on! I really like the colors in your palette.

I can't use sponge applicators either haha. Try experimenting around with the colors! I think the colors look pretty on you! Maybe use only a couple of the colors instead of all 5 at once?

Hahha thanks! I wore it with tights and leather boots haha. It wasn't too bad.

I'm still recovering from constant clogged pores which result it pimples. I still haven't figure out what's causing it either. It seems to be getting better. I think it was mainly caused by La Mer's CDLM being too rich for me. The La Prairie is awesome so far! =). This line is most suitable for young skin, in preventing aging as well. I hate that some stores don't accept returns for cosmetics! How on earth is that realistic?!

Yumeko said...

woo i wish u the best
i dont have any self resolve i think, can never get my resolutions fulfilled XD

jewels said...

I find that working out with a friend or buddy is best.

Giving each other motivation.

When i used to workout with my bf, he kick my ass in exercising when i give up.

but once i stopped working out with him, lol i totally stop myself >_<

he has more motivation the i am, as always.

Yumeko said...

oh yes i hardly go to vivre cos there isnt one in tokyo. ah i should have asked u for osaka tips before i went for my holiday there in dec

cheryl said...

i think sticking with a schedule during weekdays is a good thing. i'd go to bed at/before midnight, and always get up at 8.30am...

cheryl said...

oh i'm doing a swap on my blog so stop by and see if u might be interested :-)

SHIZUKA said...

so many of your resolutions should apply to me aswell eg. sleep more, eat more healthy, finish products before buying more, dont just spend cos it looked good on models haha! good luck! x

Anonymous said...

Here's to both of us keeping our resolutions. Mine are pretty much the same. Eating well, exercise, finish products before buying, buying essential pieces of clothing etc. etc.

Unknown said...

I am soooo rooting for you to hit these targets!!!

All the bestest for a fab 2009 xx

watercoloursky said...

Thank you guys for all the encouraging comments :) Funny how we all have similar resolutions! We should have some kind of support group :D

Anonymous said...

Those are some solid goals! I particularly relate to the last one... ;)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

your resolutions are realistic, def do-able!!! we can do it :D haha

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