Saturday, January 3, 2009

Visee Glam Hunt Eyes, Majolica Majorca LE mascaras

A small Adam Beauty haul...
...which was a rather disappointing haul. I had high hopes for these but didn't really like any of the items I got in the end.
Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara in BR777, an LE colour in golden brown

The tube is pretty but thats about it. The mascara is a fiber type mascara. I was afraid it would irritate my eyes but it was alright after all. However what disappoints me is how the colour doesn't show up on my lashes at all.

I think it does lengthen them slightly, but very naturally. No volume whatsoever and it practically took a million coats to get to this length.

After about 100,000,000 coats

The glitter mascara is from Majolica Majorca's Winter 2007 collection, also LE Its basically a clear mascara with loads of silver glitter.


2-3 coats of this (no mascara underneath). Glitter is actually rather subtle.


Last item - Visee Glam Hunt Eyes quad in G5. From Visee's Fall '08 collection.


From the pics I've seen online I thought this would be a great subtle smoky eye. It probably could but these colours in particular just don't suit me :(



The colours just look all muddied together on me...even though I followed the diagram on the back of the box. They seem to look alright on the model pictures though. I guess I should stick with non-smoky looks. Oh and forgive the crappy blending. I tried to use the sponge applicator provided to do the whole thing because I was lazy to find a brush but it didn't work out so well.

Anyways I got my Sephora and Facial Shop HK order today (yay!), so there will be more positive reviews coming :)

P.S. A reader, mk wanted to know where I got the Shiseido Sheer Contrast Eyes palette from - I got mine from Adam Beauty here. Hope that helped!


fuzkittie said...

Hehe, the glitter mascara is pretty! I'm guessing that was the last color mascara purchase for both of us! xD

I think the palette could look very nice! Maybe you could do a smokey without the green? I think the green is messing up the nice color of the plum. Hmm, I usually prefer sponge applicator over brushes, haha.

mk said...

good to know those mascara didnt really work. i was tempted to buy them. thx for the web addy!

Anonymous said...

I like the concept of the sparkle mascara, but wish it were more of an impact on the lashes.

I do like the look though. I would have said the opposite of ^. I would say get rid of plum and keep green, but that's cause I'm biased. I happen to like green in shadows.

I checked out the dress that you got. It's really nice! Wish I got that one instead of the Baby cut whatever one I got. I have to remember not to throw mine in the dryer as well. Thanks for reminding me!

My brother is in Montreal. It isn't far...but...we don't know when we will see him. He's pretty sure that he won't be able to come back until next Christmas. (He's now part of the Canadian forces.) That's why its so sad :(

alien man?! said...

It doesn't look muddied to me. I'm totally wanting that mascara now.

AskMeWhats said...

i'm sorry your haul didn't work out for you!!! I love the way it lenghtened your lashes though but after gazillion coat? lol gosh, thanks for letting us know

Yumeko said...

aww i think the smoky looks good on you though!
maybe u just need to wear it differently

cheryl said...

hi there, why dun u like the palette? cos i think it worked out on u and u did a good job on the colours! :-O

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Blu3! The lash expander is wonderful, I think it would look great on you!! have you tried using a lash primer? I find that using a lash primer works 10times better!!

I think you did a great job with that smoky. I have seen those palettes around... looks really pretty. It's off-limited for me for now, lol

watercoloursky said...

fuz: yep no more coloured mascaras for me! I will try your suggestion :)

mk: no problem!

rasilla: I'll try both but I think its because of my skintone that doesn't go with that type of brownish green in the palette. Is your brother gonna be deployed at all? I hope not :(

alienman: I would totally give it to you! Though I dunno if you want my Wish there was a way to sanitize mascara somehow...

askmewhats: yup I lost count of how many times I had to wiggle and swipe that brush.

yumeko: yeah I guess following the diagram doesn't suit me. I'll try it with Fuz and Rasilla's suggestions.

cheryl: aww thanks! I think I'm not used to seeing so many dark colours on me especially that type of green

nicnic: which lash primer do you use? I'm afraid of the lash expander because of how its supposed to be hard to

MiuMiu said...

I really love the visee palettes, I can't wait to get one for myself hehe.
I never really liked the MJ mascaras. Probably because I had a bad experience with the first one i tried, the lash enamel glamour. It smudged and was so difficult to take off. But I might give it a chance and try the lash gorgeous wing cuz i'm used to using fiber mascaras.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Blu3 I'm using the shiseido mascara base, its the best thing i ever got for my lashes LOL. a good makeup remover will remove lash expander. try your too faced lash injection mascara, it's also really good!!

ⓚ☪ said...

Oh no, your selling your Visee palette. I have the same one. The colors do kind of just mix together in a weird way. I usually try to use it in conjunction with other purple shadows I have with different brands to get a more vibrant look out of it.

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