Monday, January 12, 2009

Smurfette FOTD and more deals

Sephora has giftbags containing 10 skincare samples available in-store or online. According to the newsletter in store, you can get the samples after a consultation with a Beauty Advisor. However I just asked if they had any available when I went to cashier and they gave me one :) You can also get them with any online order by using the codes SKINTREATS or RIGHTBAG3 (either one gets you the same thing).

Bath and Body Works in Canada have a 3 for $18 sale on their Signature body washes, lotions, creams and body butters. Their Signature body splashes are on sale for $3 each! Handsoaps are 3 for $12.

The Body Shop at Yorkdale Mall (also Canada) had the blushes from the Fall'08 Deadly Desires collection on sale at 3 for $10! I haven't seen this in any of the other locations I've visited. When I went though they only had a few of the peach blushes left, they had more of the darker rose blush available.



Sephora lowered the price of the Givenchy Couture palette again down to US$35. I guess they realised $45 was still too high for something so tiny! I ordered it originally at the previous price, but once I saw how freaking small the thing was I returned it. I'm still not convinced US$35 is a good value either.

Here's a picture to give you an idea. It looks decent enough online until you compare it with a lipstick (MAC Slimshine) and a quarter. Umm...thats the smallest tube of gloss I've ever seen! The eyeshadows are so tiny it would be a hassle to use the colours without accidentally mixing them up. Its so tiny, I love how they still consider it a $90 value...



FOTD using some products from Too Faced's Smurfette collection:

  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation #3
  • Sana concealer
  • Silk Naturals' blush in Lady
  • MAC Emote to contour a little


  • Pink shade from the Smurfette palette all over lid
  • Blue shade from the Smurfette palette on outer corners (I used very little as I wanted a more subtle day look)
  • So Smurfy Face Powder to highlight under browbone
  • MUFE Aqua Eyes in OL to line top lashline and outer 1/2 of lower lashline.
  • Smurf You blue glitter liner to line top lids, going over the MUFE liner
  • Blinc Kiss Me mascara

The pink and blue shades I used went on nicely even though I skipped using any base. I love the glitter liner, the brush is really easy to work with because its so fine and has the right degree of firmness to draw a thin line smoothly.


MUFE Aqua Eyes stayed better on my top lids than Urban Decay's 24/7, but it still smudged on the lower lashline :/

  • Mood Swing Emotionally Activated lipgloss


The gloss wasn't as bright pink as I had feared, its quite wearable as long as you balance it out by going lighter on eye makeup. Not that sticky either - nowhere near as annoying as MAC.


fuzkittie said...

The GA foundation looks good on you! Did you do a review on this? I'm gonna search for it, hehe.

The pink is really cute!!

jewels said...

yes that is really small. was ur return at Sephora a smooth one? did the sales rep give u dirty looks? hahah

watercoloursky said...

fuz: No actually I haven't reviewed the GA LSF. Maybe I should...I don't really like it though as it doesn't suit my skintype (drier)

jewels: yep it went well. I didn't actually touch the product and I had the receipt so it was ok. I find they get touchy only if you don't have the keep all your receipts!

AskMeWhats said...

and you say you don't have good skin!!! Your skin is flawless and super pretty!!!! :) Love the look!

Unknown said...

I love your FOTD!! So spring inspired, clean and natural!! YOu know what Blu?? You are sooo pretty! I dont think that you need make up!

Grayburn said...

Your eyes are glowing in these pics! Looks great and I love the lip gloss on you.

xo Grayburn

SHIZUKA said...

omg how pretty! love your lip colour most!! and, those contacts of course :) oh and i know what you mean by saving.. even though I'm going in less than a month i keep spending on unnecessary things its terrible..x

Angie said...

Wow that set is tiny! I'm glad I didn't order it now.

Your eyes are so pretty and round! I love what you did! The colors work well together and the glittery blue liner adds a nice pop!

I agree, the gloss isn't that bright!

Unknown said...

i wouldllove to swap! When Kimerbly Tia comes down we shouldmeet up and swap!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i really like the lipgloss on you!

ive heard raves about the GA foundation but im not gonna splurge and im trying to stop using foundation, eventually! lol.... but it looks good on you :D

Anonymous said...

You have THE most perfect lips ever! Sorry if that sounded pervy, LOL! I love this look, it's so classic and girly!

Anonymous said...

ack, yeah the weather has me worried as well. hope that it is alright...i would assume it would be okay :T

And yes, the shoes do have to be in new unworn condition. It is a year if you buy it from their online store, but i think the conditions change if you buy it in the actual store.

and regarding eyeko, thanks~ i hope that they have another buy 2 get one free deal totally jump on it if they did!

theChas said...

I didn't know you had GA's LSF! We're the same color! I'm going to be bothering you on mineral makeup then ,hehe. :) If you find that LSF doesn't really work for your skin type, maybe try the face fabric? My roomie has drier skin and looooooooves it because it's so light. My skin is a piece of crap so I need the coverage. =/

Emily Quak said...

This is such a pretty look! The colours suit your face colouring perfectly :)


For the GA foundation would what skin tone would you recommend it for. Cause I have very Pale skin and I'm after a foundation .

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