Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty collection swatches!

Eyeshadow quads

Top: Too Dolly palette (all shades soft and pigmented, except dark shade which is glittery & hard)
Bottom: Lucky Tom palette (all shades were soft and pigmented)

No flash


Blushes & Beauty Powders

Top: Tippy blush (pigmented - love :P)
Bottom: Pretty Baby beauty powder (sheer, hard to show up on my NC25 skin)

Left: Fun & Games blush (moderate pigmentation, not as bright as Tippy)
Right: Tahitian Sand beauty powder (pale peach, very sheer again)

With flash


Top: Most Popular, Cutester, Fashion Mews
Bottom: Big Bow, Fresh Brew, Strayin

No flash



(sorry the top row of glosses got rubbed off a bit. They were rather sheer to begin with though)

Top: [ not sure which is which at this point...will update if I figure it out ]
Bottom: Sweet Strawberry, Nice to be Nice, Mimmy

No flash


For official colour descriptions and names please refer to Specktra.

Official colour photos available from Temptalia.


fuzkittie said...

Thanks for these!! You're so diligent~

Latte adict said...

uhh I want those quads...now just have to wait till they get to Holland.
That can take a while :(

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i like the lipsticks!!! hmm i was thinking of pretty baby blush powder but i saw your comment that its too sheer...maybe just the brush set and a lipstick.. now is not the right to time to spend on makeup im moving to a new pad soon >_<

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

Thanks for posting these swatches! I love the packaging! I kind of want to get one of the beauty powders because it's so cute, but I already have Pretty Baby from when it came out with the Diana Ross collection (love the metallic pink compact!) and I'm not sure Tahitian Sand would show up so great on me, I'm about NC25 too. It's so cute with the Hello Kitty embossed on it though! Same with the lipsticks!

Did you happen to see the makeup bags? I wonder if they're really tiny or what.

watercoloursky said...

fuz: you're welcome :)

evynoppie: aww well at least they shouldn't sell out as quickly there right?

nicnic: lol what about as a v-day present? :P

fabulous: I just did a Live chat with an MA. I suspected the Beauty Powders are more like an all over powder and she confirmed it. That makes sense why its so light. It sucks though that these would only work for lighter skintones.

cheryl said...

cutester is such a great shade...thanks for sharing these with us.

Anonymous said...

The kitty-men leave me feeling conflicted and confused. True, the Hello-Kitty heads are creepy, but still...

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