Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty pictures and haul

Before the preview started:



After the preview started. Notice anything wrong with this picture?


shield your eyes...

Can I say gross? laughable? so not cute? I don't think this was what Hello Kitty intended! But well props to the dude who was wearing the suit...I don't know why the store came up with that idea :/

Anyway, in terms of hauling, I stuck to my plan, although I was severely tempted by the Too Dolly quad. There was an MA who looked absolutely stunning with those colours. She had a gorgeous caramel coloured complexion, and the bright pink and mint green in Too Dolly quad complimented her skintone perfectly. Sigh...if bright pinks looked that good on me I'd buy the quad because of her!

Here's what I got:


  • Hello Kitty brush set & holder
  • Lipstick in Strayin (frost, warm pink colour)
  • Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy (bright pink)
  • Beauty Powder in Pretty Baby (very pale peach-pink)


The eyeshadow quads and cheek products had pink glitter all over the shiny black packaging. The lipsticks and brushes didn't have the glitter though, but I wish they did. Those were just black shiny packaging (not the usual matte black though).



Some product closeups


Brushes were standard SE size, similar to the Holiday collection brushes. Quality is about the same as previous SE brushes, so if you don't like SE brushes skip these.


Guess thats it for now. I'm still considering returning the brush set and getting another lipstick instead. I wish the lip shades worked better for me though! Most are too sheer, or too cool toned. I wasn't impressed with the other products because they just weren't colours I could wear regularly.



Anonymous said...

Ok I gotta admit that peach powder/blush is cute but not black packaging - boo! :(

fuzkittie said...

Wow, now I think I must get at least a blush, the beauty powder is SO CUTE, just cuz of the HK embossing, haha... but yea, that dude is totally ruining the image of this collection.

Anonymous said...

I think I will try the brush set out for sure... they`re cute! And I have never had MAC brushes before so it will be a good chance to try them out... did not like red enough to get the holiday sets.

Angie said...

I like the brush holder!!

The collection is so cute!

HAAH interesting getup! ewww

mayaari said...

ohh i wish i could have shielded my eyes from that guy! the blushes look like they'd be really nice for spring, I'm definitely going to have to test those out :)

AskMeWhats said...

I've never bought anything from MAC collection but I have a feeling I'll give in to at least ONE HK collection, so cute!

you're right about the crazy guy on Hello Kitty head, what are they thinking??? LOL SO not cute!

Anonymous said...

You managed to take pictures! Did you get any hassle?

I'm not a Hello Kitty fan. I don't think I owned anything from that line ever (had hair clips with the head, but I doubt it was an official HK endorsed product cuz I was 6 at the time, and my mum wouldn't be the kind to splurge of frivolous things as such on me).

The brush set+holder caught my eyes. How do you like the brushes in this collection?

Anonymous said...

On that photo with the guy wearing the Hello Kitty head .... WTF??!

Hmmm I thought the Hello Kitty collection would look weird but somehow from your photos, it works. I might just go check it out :)

Mel said...

OMG, I love the Brush Set! I can't wait for these to reach our shores.

smilecusiluvu said...

so exactly what is the beauty power for actually? cause i dont really konw what to get from that collection... I'm only getting stuff cause its limited edition and its hello kitty! the color skem is ok nothing too great..

Anonymous said...

oh dear...those guys are actually kinda freaky. not hot at all...nor cute...seeing as this is HK!

the packaging is pretty cute...

Yumeko said...

omg the guy hahahah

at least the body was good

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

brush set is uber cute!!!! i dont mid having more SE brushes... but it wont be here til like forever! and they bump up the prices here too. The blush looks pretty... It probably wont be worth it. Im considering the BBR collection - just one lipstick! hahahahaha

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

Wow, it looks like complete chaos in there!! I hate battling through people like that, just to try and get a glimpse of stuff. Must have been nice to see everything in advance though. You've got quite a nice haul there!

watercoloursky said...

Paris: I didn't like black either initially, but once I saw the collection in person it felt nicer!

Fuz: the BP blushes are good, but keep in mind the Beauty Powder compacts are more like powders thats why they're so sheer.

asiyakei & angie & melvel: actually I'm considering returning my brush set! I like the cup and the 187, but the other two brushes are rather lacking in quality. They just feel a bit cheap :/

mayaari: lol sorry but I had to share :P

askmewhats & tine: I know, I still can't believe they thought of such a ridiculous idea...the fafi girls last year were wayyy better.

liz: actually I ended up just keeping the swatches on my arm, and only taking pictures outside the store, haha. I didn't want to attract attention and get shooed out :P

smilecuziluvu: yeah, if not for packaging this would be a strange collection. I did a Live Chat with an MA online and it seems Beauty Powders (the mirrored compacts) are meant as an all over powder to brighten your face. Not as a blush or highlighter, so thats why they blend into rather than contrast against skin.

rasilla: I know, its kinda creepy!

yumeko: haha, well I heard apparently there were hotter guys at other MAC event locations :P

fabulous: yeah, i didn't enjoy it much because it was too crowded and too hot in the store. I doubt I'll ever bother going to another event unless I'm really impatient (I was with this one, thats why).

Mary said...

if only my mac store had an event..i would have pictures like that too! lol..

nice haul, can't wait for mines!!

Anonymous said...

You probably got better pictures that way too!

Grayburn said...

Aww, cute stuff!

x Grayburn

Anonymous said...


I want EVERYTHING! Especially the brush and brush holder. I don't own a single MAC brush and this might be a good time to start. Love the Tippy Blush. Might just get it. If and when it gets to Melbourne.

Thanks for doing this :)

watercoloursky said...

geekchic: you're welcome :) I hope it gets to your shores soon!

cheryl said...

though i'm not a hello kitty fan, i can see how appealing this collection is! thanks for posting this preview!!! i giggled at the hello kitty "man"...

Katrina said...

haha i agree, the hello kitty man is just scary. =p hmm why do u want to return the brushes?

watercoloursky said...

katrina: eh because the brushes don't feel all that great when I consider that I'm paying CAD$58 for the set, AND 13% tax! :/

theChas said...

Hey Girlie!


Sorry I've been so MIA =/ Life hates me. Anyways...everythign looks so cute! I'm not so hot on the colors, but I'm sure you'll make me want them anyways. What I love is the packaging!!! That lipstick! >_<

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