Friday, February 27, 2009

MAC makeover & Korean food

I went for a makeover from MAC about 2 weeks ago (V-day). Unfortunately I arrived a bit late so the lady didn't really have much time to work on me, and they were also super busy as it was the first weekend of the Hello Kitty launch .

At first she started off with showing me 2 super quick looks that could be done with the HK Too Dolly palette on each eye, at my request. I wasn't too impressed with those mostly because I didn't like the placement of the colours. The payoff sucked too because she wasn't using a primer (and never did in the end). So in the end I just requested a simple smoky eye (and no lipstick because I knew I'd eat it off before I even got to take pictures).



What she used:
  • Yogurt (matte pink) from Too Dolly quad all over lid
  • Stately Black (grey) on outer corner and blended into crease
  • more Stately Black to line top lid, and outer corners of the bottom lashes.
  • some mascara...don't know which. She did not curl lashes though.
  • MSF Natural in Medium
  • Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder on cheeks to "give a glow".

Then I added Fun & Games blush and Cutester lipstick. Those two products btw are super sheer - great for work makeup, but they both barely show up in pictures below. Fun & Games blush is a warm sheer peach. Cutester lipstick is a sheer coral peach, but on me it gives just a touch of shine. Also used some Emote blush to contour.


Haha, I know I look totally thrilled the makeover results in the above picture but it wasn't that. My expression was mostly due to fatigue from less than 4 hours sleep.



I must say I loved her blending skills. All she really used for the crease shade was the 217 and 222. I can't blend dark colours with for the life of me, which was also why I wanted her to do a smoky look. The outer corners could be extended a bit more, but overall I thought she did a good job. Before I'd always heard horror stories about makeovers gone bad because the MAs did not know how to do Asian eyes, but my experience was quite pleasant.

I noticed though that MSF in Medium is too pink for me. It may not show in photos but if you were to see me in real life the difference is obvious. A pity because it seems like a nice product. I don't think there is a yellow toned version of Medium, is there?

Later that day we went out for Korean food. Originally I had planned to go to Rodney's Oyster Bar because the bf loves oysters. However that night it was super cold so we ended up hitting Koreatown instead for hearty food. Seriously though, Koreans know how to make good winter food :P All the soupy spicy foods really keep you warm.

We ordered this beef bulgolgi combo - which I don't even know what the exact menu name was.


Raw seasoned beef slices & onion awaiting their fate:




It came with a spicy seafood tofu stew as well:


All in all, a very filling and satisfying end to the day :)


fuzkittie said...

Wow! She did a surprisingly GREAT job with your eyes! Haha.. I'm always too afraid to get my makeup done by others.. xD Mmmm I LOVE spicy stews, esp when it has tofu, hehehe.

AskMeWhats said...

Your eye makeup looks fantastic ! I love your skin too! :)

Oohh Korean dish! I am in love with Korean food :)

Ahleessa said...

Hrmmm~ The food looks good! :)

Angie said...

I love the way she contoured your eyes and cheeks! I think you got an excellent makeover! I've had my fair share of awful ones! haha

I must practice darkening my crease like that! haha

Anonymous said...

ahhh you guys had bulgogi ssam!
*drool* I so wanna eat that now!
I do like the look she did as well, the blending is smooth from what I can tell in the pictures~ And it doesn't look too heavy~

jewels said...

which restaurant do u go for korean food?

ainstein said...

u look very pretty! the ma did a good job. i love how she contoured your cheeks =D

mmm i love korean food...

Jamilla Camel said...

The blending and total look are beautiful!

The last time I had bulgolgi was in Dalian a couple of years ago...they guy who runs our Asia delivery centres is Korean, and did he ever pick a great restaurant!!

I think the overall look is gorgeous, and much more subtle than a lot of other HK looks I've been seeing lately!

Yumeko said...

i feel the contouring was really well done

wat brushes did she use for that?

miemiemie said...

oh wow i love how your makeup turned out :) yes usually MAC MAs pretty much do makeovers with overdone eye makeup..some of my friends would often tell me they looked like a hooker after the makeover..but yours turned out actually pretty. haa i suck at blending dark colors too..i always end up putting too much and i haven't even practiced lately..haha light colors are easier to work with..

oh and wait before i forget, i love your cheek bones :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing blending! I like how it's wearable and not drag-ish.
I have the MSF in Light Medium. It doesn't appear pink on me, but I don't like how heavy it looks on my skin (even when I apply it with a light hand using the 187). I think it's the iridescence of this powder that ruins it for me. I agree that you look pinker than usual in these pictures. What was underneath the MSF (any foundation or tinted moisturiser)?

The Korean feast looks delicious. The spicy seafood tofu stew looks especially mouth-watering! I'm glad that you enjoyed your Valentine's. :)

cheryl said...

i think she did a good job on your eye makeup cos it was close to something you would do yourself in terms of colours... i just don't like anyone touching my face so i've never let any MA do anything, lol...

mayaari said...

wow, i'm totally loving the way the MA blended those colors on your eyes!

Angie said...

Thanks! It's Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in 127! =)

Ya know.. that's a good question. I don't really think silk causes static. It's polyester and satin that may (imitation silk). My pillowcases are a silk and cotton blend. I've never really noticed any static cling or anything. I actually have less bed head now than I did before.

Hahha I don't remember what I was doing! I may have been playing with the boys ... ? =P

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh i picked up cute-ster and fun and games too!! i love the lipstick :D

looking pretty with your mac makeover!!! they did a great job with contouring!! the cheek bones pop ;)

Anonymous said...

just noticed on your sale that you put up the queen helena~ guess it was too harsh? my mom hates it cause she says that it stings too much. but it feels the same to me as the st ives.

i wanted to pick up a set, but they didn't have the one that i was looking forward to buying, hopefully they will have it out soon~

J said...

she did do a good job!!! u looked really good!!!! food's making me hungry tho

Anonymous said...

wow she did a great job on you! I really like her blending as well, dark colors are super hard to blend . I like this simply smoky eye a lot, I'm going to have to try it out on myself :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ooo I just received the HK flyer in my mail. Soooo pretty! But I'm not much of a MAC person haha :D Agree that she did a surprisingly good job with your eyes, but then again you have such pretty her blending skills! Its so hard to do dark colors without looking 'dirty' :( The Korean food looks delish, especially the stew! I'm craving for some Kimchi Tofu stew right now :P~~~

Grayburn said...

Oh it's been ages since I've had korean food so my mouth is watering like crazy! There last good korean food restaurant just closed here so I would have to go to Antwerp for some!

That is really good blending by the MUA..I love the smokey look on you.

is it still cold over there?

xo Grayburn

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