Monday, March 2, 2009

Outlet shopping

For once, I have a haul post thats actually current! :P I went to Niagara this weekend and stopped by the outlets on the US side. The mall was actually less exciting than I remembered (or maybe my tastes have just changed) so I didn't spend much time there. Its an old looking mall with the standard outlet stores like Coach, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic...etc. I did get a few things though:


Earmuffs at the Burberry outlet:


The outside is made out of cashmere and shearling, keeps my ears nice and warm :)

From Coach, a tote bag in their Optic Signature fabric. I've actually told myself I don't want Coach anymore but I couldn't help this because 1. I've been needing a larger bag for a while now, but nothing else from other stores have caught my eye so far; and 2. It was on sale! :P

It came in white too (similar to the sling bag I got from Woodbury Outlets last time) but yellow just seemed right this time, maybe because I'm looking forward to summer....



Finally a CCO haul of course:


L-R: Fafi Powder blush in Hipness, Blushcreme in Blossoming, Beauty Powder blush in True Romantic.



The MAC selection at this CCO was quite crappy compared to others I've heard about. Here's what they had that I could remember:

Eyeshadows: Blanc Type, Poison Pen, some Starflash colours, all Neo Sci Fi colours, Trip 4 palette.
Pigments: Gilded Green, Off the Radar, burgundy pigment from Overrich, Dark Soul, Lovely Lily, Sweet Sienna
Blush: some Beauty Powder blushes from last year's collection, X-Rocks and Spaced Out from Neo Sci Fi, Melba powder blush, Sweet William blushcreme...and some more that I can't remember. I was surprised they still had Emote too.

Nordstroms Color Forms palettes & cheek products
Mattene lipsticks from Cult of Cherry, and Poise from 2007
Microfine Refinisher and some other skincare products
Studio Tech powders, and their stick foundations & concealers

Bobbi Brown:
Copper Diamond Shimmerbrick
Shimmering Nudes palette
Pink Raspberry palette
empty lip palettes
black carry case

In Bloom blushes - tons of colours
various moisturizers and creams, including the Moisture Surge one (but it didn't seem that cheap to me at US$25 with the current exchange rate)

I was really hoping to score some mineralized blushes or brushes from MAC but oh well. Crappy selection really saved my wallet :P Ahhh....the best outlet shopping ever was still at Woodbury Premium outlets in NJ. If only it were closer :)


PB said...

I love your bag! I'm partial to the older Coach symbols and designs not the newer ones. I need me a haul :P

Anonymous said...

I'm normally not a big fan of Coach, but I'm LOVING the yellow on the bag! It looks so spring and light...
I had no idea that there was a CCO in Niagara! Dang...if I eventually make it over, I will be sure to check it out just in case :)

I just bought something from a US online store...
and realized that our dollar is dropping so much compared to the us now...its making me a little sad :(

ps love the colour of the new blushes~

fuzkittie said...

Nice haul, love the earmuffs! I have the same one in a diff color, hehe!

The bag is really nice, I like the fresh yellow with white.. very springy, and yes, def good for summer!

MiuMiu said...

that's a really cute bag! i have yet to find my perfect designer one =p

Anonymous said...

So I see the bf agreed to a detour! :) That ear muff, I have a Burberry bag in a similar pattern, which I really like.

How much cheaper are things at the outlet?

Yumeko said...

woo nice haul and i am loving the ear muffs the most
do they come in any other colors?

AskMeWhats said...

wonderful hauls! I love the Coach bag you bought :) So pretty and spacious!

A. Rose said...

Great haul! That yellow bag is gorgeous! It will be perfect for spring and summer. And I've been dying to go to a CCO just to get my MAC fix!

Ahleessa said...

The Coach bag is nice! It's perfect for the Spring.

Jamilla Camel said...

Hey, respectable haul, and great MAC goodies!

Unknown said...

I knew that you would make it to the outlets!! Nice haul my dear.....I am eyeing your blushes! lol

miemiemie said...

wth! you found true romance..i've been wanting that for ages and whenever i checked the macy's near me they didn't restock on it :( i love the bag by the way. its something i'm not used to seeing from coach

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow some great bargains you found there! esp the blushes! I have a coach bag in that similar shape!!

Fabulously Thrifty said...

I loove those Ear muffs! I was hoping to not have to deal with winter stuff any more, but considering we got 8 inches of snow yesterday, I may need to run out and get these!

Angie said...

Great finds! I love visiting Burberry outlets!

My local CCO sucks too! =( But you found some pretty blushes!

purple snowflake said...

Hey can you still get Fafi blushes?? I thought they are limited editions and all soldout??

I wanted their blushes.. BTW I love ur coach bag. I went to have a look at coach. the bags were too casual or too boroing looking..

cheryl said...

oh the blushes are soooo lovely...great haul.

ChyiX2 said...

Cute earmuffs! I w3ish I looked good in those but last time I tried my friend almost rolled on the shop floor laughing at me looking too fobby -_-

Cheryl Anne said...

Pretty purse...very roomy, and opens easily. Here comes spring!

mayaari said...

cute earmuffs and coach bag! I've been looking at larger bags as well, even though I want to find a way to make all my stuff fit into a smaller purse

The Faux Fashionista said...

Great haul! *sigh* I miss outlet shopping :(

psychoexgirlfriend said...

OOoh love the Coach bag! I'm really feeling yellow too. I was checking out the regular Coach store and they have some nice yellow leather bags out now. MUST. RESIST. PS: Pls do a review for Blossomimg when you can!

Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

awesome bag!

my roomate is THRILLED with her panda bag!
she just LOVE it

Unknown said...

omg i've been wanting to get burberry earmuffs for a while now, but can't find them anywhere-in outlets anyways. how much did it cost?

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