Sunday, February 22, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 VIP & MUFE Aqua Eyes Travel sets

Urban Decay's VIP set


Shades & Ingredients

Zero (zealous black), Lucky (brilliant deep copper), Covet (peacock green), Electric (bright aquamarine), Lust (plush purple).



Product Observations
Colours: Pigmented, vibrant
Texture: Creamy, smooth
Ease of use: Very convenient size and easy to apply
Price: $29
Size: 5 x 0.03 oz

Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes set


Shades & Ingredients


Product Observations
Colours: Pigmented, coloured shades are very vibrant
Texture: Creamy, smooth
Ease of use: Very convenient size and easy to apply
Price: $35
Size: 5 x 0.025 oz

Both products seem very similar in terms of being easy to use and quality of the product. The ingredients even seem almost the same! The order of ingredients is slightly different though, so that may account for the minor differences I noticed.

The main thing I found is that the MUFE liners last longer than the UD liners. UD Zero would smudge on my upper lid quite quickly while the MUFE equivalent barely smudged at all. On my lower lashlines both will smudge though (so no difference there). Sorry I was unable to do actual side by side comparisons of the two (because I returned the UD set) but Fuzkittie has done an excellent review and detailed comparison with lots of pictures of the full sized liners - click here.

Both products are very soft, but I noticed that UD's pencil tips tend to wear out faster than MUFE's. It was also harder to do precise lines (eg. winging) with UD compared to MUFE.

However on a cost basis UD seems to have the advantage. The size of the UD liners is more value for money though as you get slightly more product, and at a cheaper price compared with MUFE liners:

UD liner in Yeyo (from the Velvet Rope set) vs MUFE liners.

Therefore if you wanted to give these as a present, UD would be the better choice. The MUFE pencils look really tiny in real life, so it just doesn't look as good when the receipient opens up their gift :P

The length of MUFE pencils also makes it tricky to work with if you have larger hands. I have pretty small hands and still found them a bit inconvenient compared to UD.

Colour selection wise, I personally liked MUFE because of the dark navy blue shade provided. I didn't like UD Covet (peacock green) because it looked way too bright for me to ever use it. However UD does have a wider range of colours.

Minor gripe: The caps of the MUFE liners are ridiculously hard to remove ! They were capped on really tightly. I enlisted the help of the bf and they still wouldn't budge, until he used some dishwashing gloves to get enough grip to yank them off.

Pros and Cons
UD Pros: Wide colour range, size and packaging is nicer for gifts
UD Cons: Smudges easily, needs frequent sharpening due to very soft tip
MUFE Pros: Stays put better than UD, colour selection is more practical
MUFE Cons: Tiny size, hard to remove caps, less product but more expensive

I think MUFE has the better formulation, but UD is the more economical choice. But if you really want a pencil liner that doesn't smudge I say either use a eyeliner sealant, or go for MAC's Technakohls :P Those are the only pencil liners I've found so far that don't smudge even on the lower lashine.


jewels said...

great review. thanks alot! i was wondering about the MUFE's pencils for awhile.

fuzkittie said...

Great comparison!! :] Those UD liners are very bright! Hehe. Yea the reason I never got the travel set is because of how small they are!

Aradani said...

I bought the other UD set with the more neutral colors. I like it but it's not the greatest. I'll have to try mac's liners. I'm in need of something that doesn't smudge. great comparison review!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this review! I like the UD liners but have never tried the MUFE version. I agree, the UD ones are certainly not "24/7" they smudge rather easily I think, but still last longer than regular non-waterproof liners and they do glide on like butter! I think that if you were to get the full sized pencils instead of the travel sized pack MUFE would be a better value since it's the same price as the UD but apparently is better quality.

About the pigment pressing, Some of the colors I got from swaps so I don't know how much exactly is in it but they look way more than 1/4 tsp. Then some of them I bought online for 1/4 tsp samples and they worked pretty well for pressing too! The pan doesn't look filled to the top but it still looks quite full so I'd say 1/4 tsp samples are fine, just make sure to scoop out every little pigment.

AskMeWhats said...

I've always been wanting to try the MUFE one as my Urban Decay 24/7 smudges on my waterline! But it is very small!!!! Seeing the side by side comparison, I wonder how long it'll last!

Angie said...

Great comparison! 24/7 also didn't work on me! MUFE smudges, but not nearly as much as 24/7.

I have the bronze MUFE set. The pencils are really tiny, but I won't ever use a full-size silver or gold =P

Haha awww, I think they are just super hard to yank off at first!

Yumeko said...

i swear i need to get some mufe but i am oh so lazy about sharpening so i keep using those no sharpen kinds

iamgrape1119 said...

Woah, I've been dying to try some UD liners. I think I might need to pick some up when they are on F&F sale next time! Thanks for the thorough review!

Chiara said...

Arashi<3 You write the best reviews. I'm personally a fan of aqua eyes-- MAC technokohls don't stay on me at all!

Jamilla Camel said...

I got the Velvet Rope collection and I really like it. I got the Deviant eye pencil, and although it looked very bright, I just loved it! You can see me wearing it here:

I am really tempted to get the VIP set...

Unknown said...

The MUFE liners look liek the work a treat - I adore the copper colour. Copper is now my designated colour for the year! thanks Blu xxx

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thanks for the comparison! i have the UD set but i rarely use it, I try to use the black when I can, I gave away the green to my sister a long time ago xD

cheryl said...

i have 2 MUFE pencils and i love them. i'd LOVE the pencils gift set if i got it as a present though, the small packaging's so cute.

Anonymous said...

oooh~ nice review on the two! i was thinking of getting the ud...but knowing my frigging oily lids...i figured that they would not stand up to wear...

how do you like the posh brushes? Its weird, I got two shadow ones, and one is crazy soft, while the other, after the wash, was pretty rough in comparison to the other :T they have this double ended set on sale right now...and im sooo tempted to buy them!! lol it seems alight as a cheaper alternative...though i don't have much to compare it to, seeing as im still using clinique & EL gwp ones

cheryl said...

hey u got the giorgio armani concealer too?! the one like a little black tube?! it's my HG concealer, it's great! i can't live without it!

Ahleessa said...

Thanks for the comparison! I'm more curious how it works on the bottom since I can't seem to find one that last more than 10 minutes on me *sigh*... hehe~

Rawr said...

Thank you for taking your time to review this. I was going to get mufe but I didn't know which one was the on thats worth it. Thanks again =)

Crystal said...

i tried both UD and MUFE on my lower lashline. when I tried UD, i was amazed at how it stayed all day. when I tried MUFE, it stung so badly (i have sensitive eyes) that I had to wash it off.

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