Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kate Super Sharp liner vs Kiss Me Heroine Make liner

I know, I haven't been a very good blogger lately...been busy with some things at work and home but hopefully its getting better soon. Lots of photos to share from the weekend - I went for a quick makeover at MAC over the weekend, V-day dinner, and I'm also lagging on posting about some new products I got recently :)

For today I'm just reviewing two Japanese brand liquid liners: Kate Super Sharp Liner in BK-1 and Kiss Me Heroine Make liner in Black.


They are both pen-style felt tip liners, but the Kate liner (left) has a slightly shorter tip than the Kiss Me one (right).


There's not a whole lot of difference between the two in terms of lining your eyes. Both are equally easy to use, as the felt tip allows for a lot of control. The Kate liner allows you to draw a thinner line though, which I think is due to the shorter tip (allowing for more control).

Kate liner

Kiss Me liner

Different angles but looks pretty similar in the pics...just that Kate is easier to do thinner lines and Kiss Me can do thicker lines better.

The removal process though is what differentiates the two. I tested them with some water to see if they were waterproof, and also checked how easy they were to remove with DHC Cleansing oil, and Mandom Cleansing Express Moist.

The two lines on the left are Kate, and the two on the right are Kiss Me Heroine Make. I basically swiped across the lines with a little bit of each cleanser.

Water (room temperature, just to test waterproofness)

DHC oil

Mandom Cleansing Express Moist

Some more rubbing and some more Mandom cleanser.


What I notice from the above tests is that the Kate tends to smudge and smear as you remove it, while the Kiss Me liner comes off in little bits. Also with the Mandom cleanser, even when I rubbbed the area to help remove the product, the Kate liner did not remove completely but left a greyish residue on the area.

You can also see that the Kiss Me liner is quite waterproof unlike Kate with room temperature water. However if you do want to remove the Kiss Me liner it comes off easily once you use warm water with a little bit of rubbing.

Overall I still prefer Kiss Me Heroine Make liner because of how durable it is with water. I also much prefer how it is easy to remove (and forgiving when you're correcting mistakes). If I were to correct any mistakes made with the Kate liner, its hard to remove even with a Q tip without smudging the line. With the Kiss Me liner whatever I want to remove comes off easily with just warm water and a Q-tip.

Speaking of Kate, I've been lemming over Kate's new eyeshadow palettes ever since seeing this ad:


I love the smoky eye look in the pics however the palette colours in the picture don't look intense enough to create the same look the model's wearing. I'd probably need to use an additional eyeshadow in black to make it dramatic enough. Anyway I've been waiting to see some reviews on the palettes but so far haven't seen any posts on it from other bloggers...I wonder why? If you have pictures or have seen any online let me know!


AskMeWhats said...

hey Thanks so much for the review. I've always been wanting to try Felt Tip Liner!!! it intrigues me! I wanted something you can take along easily, I've always been a gel liner user but these pens look so convenient to use! :)

Aradani said...

Great review!
I don't have the new palette but I have the old brick one of kate. So far I've been using it for smoky day looks but I think I can definitely up the ante and make it a dramatic smoky eye.
i would love to see a review on those new ones too!

Yumeko said...

i have those kate palettes but i havent tried them yet XD oops!

thanks for letting me know abt the kiss me liner!

Unknown said...

oh me toooooo - That KATE palette is yelling BUY ME B*TCH everytime I look at it!! *sigh*

I LOVE this post!! Thank you!! I also use the KATE liner but will most definately defy my habit and try the Heroine one now.

Anonymous said...

can you compare these eyeliners to the k-palette one?
where do you get these liners as i know they are somewhat expensive to get in canada at the asian stores?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thanks for the comparison. I still have my Heroine make one... sits there.. i need to whip it out more often!!

fuzkittie said...

Great review! I always wanted to try felt tip liners.

Yes, I get fall outs when I used the Illuminance eyes... I'm sure Brilliance eyes will be similar. Oh well..

Angie said...

Thanks for the review! I'm currently loving K-palette's liquid liner!

I've seen those palettes on gooddealer, ichibankao, and adambeauty.. I think.

Chiara said...

Wooo sexy review, lovee, that's why It's my HG!! I've been having trouble finding it in stores lately. I think it's finally getting popular, lol

Anonymous said...

Ooh. I think I want to try that blue and silver smokey look. It's sooo pretty.

Anyway, I got a message back from ebates and I also checked their FAQ. My cash back from purchases is less than $5 and it has to be more than $5.01 for them to send the check out. So, the other $65 I made on referral and promo bonuses don't count (so dumb). So, I'm going to have to wait until May to get mine, grr, and that's if I make purchases to boost my cash back above $5!!

So, maybe the same issue applies with your account? Mayaari says she got her cash back.

psychedelico13 said...

thanks for the comparison!
and Kathy of has done a review on the new KATE palette :)

watercoloursky said...

charlieee: ooh thanks! I usually follow her posts but I must've missed that one.

evo: hmm i'll see because I already have so many liners to use up...

There is another blogger who has done a review on the K-palette one alone here @

As for where I buy mine, I got these two sent to me from Japan but the cheapest place I know of would be Adam Beauty's website. How much do they sell them in asian stores?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard from ebates, yet?

It makes no sense that they'd "punish" you for making two accounts. Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong! I hope they sort this out with you soon.

Anonymous said...

I have become a huge fan of these types of liners. I have the one from MAC and I really like it, but I've always wanted to try a Japanese one. Thanks for this review!

cheryl said...

it was with shu uemura's liquid eyeliner that i got a MASSIVE eye infection. i dunno if i rubbed my eyes too hard when i removed makeup or what...nightmare...
wow the kate palette looks so cool.

mayaari said...

nice review - i have the kiss me liner and i guess it was a good purchase :)

Grayburn said...

Oh great review! Now I know which one to get :)

I'm so excited cause class starts later this week! Thanks so much for dropping by and giving me some words of support. I really appreciate it.

take care,

Anonymous said...

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