Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Spring FOTD + MAC Blossoming

Somehow I'm stranded without my computer today, so instead of posting what I had originally planned, I'll post about some stuff that has pics already uploaded on Photobucket :)

So....Shoppers Drug Mart had a sale on Gosh products a few weeks ago, so I picked up a few things as I had never tried them before but heard good things. 

I got two of their eyeshadow sticks in Love that Beige and Love that Cool Mint, a limited edition quad in Toucan , and the lipstick in Darling.


The eyeshadow sticks are quite good, they go on similarly to MAC's shadesticks and the colours are good dupes. Love that Beige is quite similar to Lemon Chiffon from Sugarsweet, while Love that Cool Mint would make a great base for Aquavert as they are very similar greens.

The lipstick in Darling has a smooth texture similar to MAC lustre formula which I like. The reason I got this shade was because it seems to be quite popular on Makeupalley as a nude, however I am not so sure it works for me. The formula goes on really well but the colour seems to clash with my skintone.


Swatches of Love that Beige and Love that Cool Mint on the left, and Darling lipstick on the right:


The eyeshadow quad I got is a limited edition for Spring '09, the colours are vibrant but tend to be on the matte / satin side:


Swatches of the Toucan quad (no base used):


Spring is almost over, but I did a Spring inspired FOTD again because I wanted to try out the MAC blushcreme I got a while back, and also to try the GOSH palette :) 




What I used:

Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream
Cargo blu-ray concealer
MAC Blushcreme in Blossoming

Gosh waterproof eyeshadow stick in Love that Beige
Gosh quad in Toucan (yellow and green colours)
L'oreal HIP liner in brown
Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump gloss in OR122


I found that Love that Beige really brings out the colours of eyeshadows when it is used as a base. The colours may not have looked all that bright in these pics but believe me in real life they were quite vibrant!

Regarding the MAC blushcreme, I was not a fan of it. The colour of Blossoming is a natural looking coral-peach, however I couldn't get myself to like it because of the texture. It is a very creamy blush so it was hard for me to blend compared with the gel / mousse blushes that I am used to. I also thought this shade seemed to have too much of a coral tone to it, so it seemed to accentuate the redness on my sensitive skin. I do have this for sale on my sale blog if anyone is interested in trying it for themselves.

Thats it for today, I hope I'll get my computer back tomorrow as I have loads to catch up on!


Jamilla Camel said...

Very pretty and subtle look! You make drugstore makeup look expensive!

izumi said...

nice buys! :) and you do great simple looking springy FOTDs!

AskMeWhats said...

very spring look :) love it!

Cheryl Anne said...

That's very pretty. You pull off brights well!

I can't get hold of L'Oreal's HIP liner, at least not in brown or black...all I find is green or purple :P

I'll go check out GOSH at my Shoppers here...but they are probably not on sale anymore. :(

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love the green and yellow on you!! i missed out gosh lipsticks when i had the chance to buy in UK >_<

fuzkittie said...

The blush does make you look a bit red! The shadows look very fresh and cute tho!! :]

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love this spring look :)

Anonymous said...

ack! so i totally forgot about the gosh 20% off announcement you made on your blog...and by the time I remembered, the sale had ended. thanks for the comparisons to the macs :) its always nice to find slightly cheaper alternatives^^

Violet Honeybee said...

I hate having to use my fingers to blend out creme blushes, it feels like I'm tugging at my cheeks which is NOT a good feeling lol. Ohh those colors are so bright and fun!! =D

Rae // theNotice said...

Yay, GOSH!

The FOTD, as usual, is gorgeous :) And I think Blossoming looks great on you -- but then again, I think everything looks great on you, so I guess I'm a little biased =P

mayaari said...

I tried the GOSH eyeshadow stick and it works well - I'll have to try using it as a base to see how well it plays up the eyeshadow.

What do you think of the skinfood bb? haha I saw you tweeted that L'egere was no good for you =P

Anonymous said...

Just saw the flyer for SDM today, and noticed that GOSH is 40% off Sunday and Monday! and if you spend 50, you get a 10 dollar card...
so I remembered your post and thought I'd gets some ideas on what to get :P

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