Monday, May 25, 2009

Handmade haul

I finally got my computer back! I know this isn't enough to be a haul but hey the alliteration works, and I just couldn't think of a good title :P

So last week, I received two very anticipated packages I had from Yasumi and another from Yumeko. The first to arrive was Yasumi's Alice in Wonderland themed necklace :)

All wrapped up - love the strawberry tape


The Follow the White Rabbit necklace


Unravelling the tale


The charms: the rabbit pendant, an ace of hearts , silver clock, and a red crystal heart


Full length - isn't it a work of art? I can't get over how unique it is! I love everything about it - the charms, the pendant, the heart shaped clasp, pearls, roses....:D


Was going to take an outfit pic but I really didn't have anything exciting to wear other than This is me thinking, "Wow, finally got a pic that doesn't show the dust on my mirror" :P


(why does my head look so huge here?)

If you haven't already checked out her jewelry site you should! She makes the most quirky pieces that make you fall in love with them :) Seriously though, if I had more $ I would buy everything...and pay someone to stalk her site for me, because her stuff goes fast!

The second item to arrive was Yumeko's brush roll (which by the way also sell out super quick!).


Why don't we have cute packing tape like that in Canada?

She also included a gorgeous eyeshadow palette and Japanese candy!


The brush roll was well packed and had a cute Thank you note:


With my most used brushes in it


Yep, I can't get over the cuteness of Rilakkuma and the fruit prints on the strap, its so cheery and summery!


All rolled up


She also does Hello Kitty and other cute patterns for brushrolls, laptop covers, and eco bags. Have a look here, her creations sell very fast! Seriously I had to email her within an hour or so of it being posted, or it would've been gone already.

Hmm...I guess thats it for today. I have lots more to blog about but haven't had the time to resize and crop pictures yet! I took a bunch of pictures of various looks from the past weekends so I have a good amount to update with soon :)


Edna said...

OMG way too cute! I love the necklace. Maybe you can be "alice" from alice in wonderland this year :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, really cute goodies you got! The brush roll is super cute!

I wished, I was able to sew, hehe...

And no, your head doesn't look big! You look very very pretty! I love your layered hair and the length. Wished my hairs grow faster. :p

izumi said...

niceeee :) love the brush roll! and that necklace on you is quite fab

AskMeWhats said...

I love the brushroll made by Yumeko! She is very very talented :) Love all your hauls!!! So personal :D

mayaari said...

awesome packages from both ladies - the Alice in Wonderland necklace looks great :) and I need to start stalking Yumeko's site when she posts more of those brush rolls - they seriously sell out fast!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

YAY on hamdemade goodies!!

the necklace looks soooo cute!! looks great on you!!

ohhh we have the same brush-roll (with different interior) :D YAY!! Rillakkuma rules ;)

prettybeautiful said...

i just hopped to her site, she got really amazing creation!!! love the design!

Rae // theNotice said...

Ahh! I love the necklace, but the brush roll really takes the cake ^^ It is SO cute!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Holy cuteness!

Yumeko said...

oh u got that necklace!! i loooove alice in wonderland but i dont wear necklaces but seriously its gorgeous

glad u like the brushroll too!! and i hope u like the eyeshadows!

Katie said...

Very cute items! Off to try to get a brush roll now :)

MiuMiu said...

oohh rilakkuma!!
i love the colors on the necklace

Cris said...

All I can say is that someone is freaking jealous of those who can shop online :-P...
I agree, that necklace is so unique :). Love it ^_^.

fuzkittie said...

Very very cute hauls!! :]

Bijin Blair said...

Yasumi's necklace is so pretty!! The Rilakkuma brush roll is super adorable!!

Unknown said...

The necklace ROCKS on you! I cannot think of a better model for that. I am so happy that you like it and I cannot wait to send you your new piece!!

Thank you for doing this post!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

So you got the necklace! It suits you so well!!

Love Yumeko's case too!!

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