Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Dream of Sugar palette

I picked up this Sugar palette a few months ago when it was on clearance at Sephora. I'd never given Sugar much thought before because the packaging does look rather juvenile and tacky, but since it was on clearance I had to try something :)

The palette is the I Dream of Sugar palette. Its a sturdy cardboard palette with two layers - a top layer of eyeshadows, and a bottom layer of blush, bronzer, and lipglosses. There are also 2 mirrors included.



Eyeshadows closeup & swatches:


The top row has the standard neutral colours, while the bottom row has lots of fun cool toned colours.


The pigmentation of these colours is not too bad, but they tend to look a bit chalky on the skin. Also they will definitely crease, so you definitely need a good primer underneath to prevent that and also to make the colours more vibrant.

Blush, bronzer, glosses closeup & swatches:


The glosses aren't that pigmented but they're pretty convenient to have on the go. Some colours have shimmer in them and some don't. I tried only the dark red shade so far and it definitely goes on sheerer than it looks in the pan.


The blush is my favourite thing in this palette, a very wearable warm peach toned pink with fine shimmer. The bronzer would be perfect to layer on top of the blush in summer, for a sunkissed look. Its too warm though to use for contouring.


Easy and subtle spring look:

I used the pink, and blue colours on the bottom row and used one of the lilac shades to blend them together in the middle. Also used the blush, but no lipgloss here.





Overall its a nice palette to play around with for spring / summery looks. I like too how it has neutral colours that could be used for work as well. The fact that it contains eye, lip and cheek products plus 2 mirrors makes it very convenient for travel. Only issues with it are the need for a primer for the eyeshadows, and the flimsy applicators provided. Still, considering I got it on clearance its not too bad :)


Audrie said...

ooo that is a really cute palette! Love this light purple look on you, you always wear purples so well. And I've said this before, but...your contacts are freaking awesome!!

Audrie said...

oooo what a cute palette! Love this purple look on you, you always wear purples so well. And I've said this before but...your contacts are freaking awesome!!!

AskMeWhats said...

the color looks gorgeous on you! It doesn't even look chalky at all, I guess because of a good base :)

izumi said...

oooooo~ very pretty!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow so many colours! now you can play with many colours n looks ;) a lovely, pretty purple look!

the blush is def v pretty!

Cris said...

This blog is my first Google result for 'I dream of sugar' - is that good XD?
I usually like stuff by Sugar, but my favourite thing about this is the "Sugar looks good on you" quote, so I suppose I won't be getting it :-P.

Yumeko said...

thats a good buy if u can carry is around easily
and better yet if it was on clearance heee

Lisa said...

I like Sugar cosmetics cause most of their packaging are pink!! Last time they have an offer which is to buy any three items and HKD100. Really cheap.

Thanks for the swatches!

fuzkittie said...

You look amazing with those colors~ It must be your snowy skin tone~~ :D *love*

ChyiX2 said...

So pretty FOTD :)

ChyiX2 said...

btw, Tag, you're it! ^^

Angie said...

I have some sugar liners and glosses from years ago haha.

Not bad! The shadow colors are pretty!!

Grayburn said...

You're really making me itch to go out and buy more makeup! All the palettes you've shown here are fantastic.

x Grayburn

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