Friday, April 17, 2009

Mandom Cleansing Express Moist

A lot of bloggers have already reviewed this so I don't think I need to go into too much detail on it. Basically Mandom's Cleansing Express is a makeup remover that is supposed to remove makeup and clean your face at the same time, thus allowing you to be "ready for bed as soon as possible!" (so reads the little blurb on the bottle).


Comes in 3 types - Agecare (for older skintypes), Sebum (oiler skintypes), and Moist (drier skintypes). Its a clear liquid that looks and feels like water. There seems to be a slight fragrance added but if so its barely noticeable at all.

To use, I just saturated a cotton pad with the product and gently wiped off eyeshadow and face makeup. I noticed that eyeshadow came off easily and it felt quite refreshing afterwards. However eyeliner was a lot more trouble. Tried to saturate a q-tip with the liquid and ended up dispensing too much product out - wasted. I then used the q-tip to remove eyeliner - big mistake. It was okay until I got real close to the lashline (because I tightlined) and then once some got into my eyes it really stung.

Face makeup - I noticed using Mandom involved a bit more rubbing to remove product, which I didn't like because that pulls at your skin unnecessarily. Also I didn't have a clean feeling on my face after using it, I definitely needed to use either a cleanser or cleansing oil to finish off.

Removes eye and lip makeup quickly
Convenient for correcting mistakes or restarting a botched look
Pump dispenser is more convenient than screw top bottles (eg. Lancome Bi-facil...)
Can also be used to quickly clean brushes between colours

Stings eyes upon contact
Doesn't remove foundation / primers throughly enough
Pump dispenser tends to spray too much liquid - wasteful if I just want a drop of it on a q-tip
Pump also sprays all over the place - messy
May not remove waterproof makeup easily and completely

Overall, its a great product if you don't wear waterproof makeup or foundation and just want a quick refreshing way makeup remover. However I wouldn't recommend using this to replace your regular cleanser/cleansing oil, because it doesn't feel like it would thoroughly clean your pores of foundation, especially if you use a primer as well. For waterproof makeup it doesn't remove well without rubbing, so I would recommend Lancome's Bi-facil or L'oreal's Dermo Expertise dual layer remover as a better alternative.


Audrie said...

good review!! I totally agree, it sucks at removing waterproof makeup! I use it to clean up my arm or hand when I do swatches haha. Nothing will ever replace my DHC Cleansing

AskMeWhats said...

I am sad to say, the more I use mine (mine is the age care) the more I see the doesnt' remove eye makeup thoroughly, it leaves residue and after you wash your face with water, you see all the "glob" of eye makeup/mascara/liner all over! LOL I thought it was just the Age Care, I guess even the other versions too :) Hate the pump toO!!! Thanks for this!

Yumeko said...

yes i dont think this works as well as i would like it to hence i stopped using it
but its good for that occasional mistake whilst putting makeup on heeee

btw missed u!!

mayaari said...

i like keeping the mandom around for those times when i mess up my eye makeup, but it hasn't been removing my makeup quite as well, definitely not my mascara =T

possible short haircut for you as well eh? I saw your submission for Glow's wild contest a while back, with the platinum hair - you could totally rock some short hair!

cheryl said...

hey blu how's it going? thanks for this review. ouch hope your eyes are ok. i guess for me the shu uemura oil is good enough as a one-step cleanser that removes everything... sometimes i'd use it in a tiny amount just to remove eye makeup, and then use a different cleanser for the face. either way, i use very little makeup so most cleansers work just fine...

Unknown said...

I agree with you totally......too muuch rubbing involved for my liking. Bi-facil is the way forward for eye makeup removal. But as for the rest of my face......I found something AMAZING!!!! shhhhhh

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

i wasnt a big fan of this product. Ive recycled the bottle with my lancome toner instead! xD thanks for sharing though!!

kkkkatie said...

This is one of my most disappointing purchase ever! haha.. after all the rave from bloggers, I had high expectations. Now it's just sitting on my counter taking up space. It does not take off my waterproof makeup at all! The only thing I can use it for is to clean up eyeshadow with a Q-tip. But then, like you said, the dispenser is not too Q-tip friendly. grrr =( lol... back to my Clinique take the day off!

fuzkittie said...

Good review! Yes it definitely stings eyes!! :[

Angie said...

I agree.. I wouldn't ever just use the Mandom. I don't think it completely cleans my face, and of course it sucks at removing mascara and such!

Valerie said...

I bought the cleansing gel instead. Seems quite effective in removing make-up. But there is a strong smell,not sure if it's alcohol.

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