Monday, April 6, 2009

MAC Sugarsweet + makeover

MAC seems to be doing better this year compared with last year...I was actually interested in quite a few things from this collection! The preview pictures didn't look that interesting, but once I went in and swatched the products I started liking them more.

Here's what I ended up getting...


Lollipop Lovin' lipstick
Peppermint Patti nailpolish
Seasonal Peach nailpolish
Perfect Topping Mineralized Skinfinish
Refined Mineralized Skinfinish


Lollipop Lovin lipstick

I didn't give Lollipop Loving any thought at all last year, when it was first released with Heatherette, because I thought it would've been too sheer. Actually it isn't, the golden-green sheen in the lipstick helps to tone down the natural redness in my lips and make them look paler (which I like). Also I discovered this produces an amazing coral peach colour when layered under a sheer coral red shade...

Perfect Topping MSF

I didn't think anything of these MSFs at first, but after swatching them I liked how un-shimmery/glittery these were compared with previous MSFs. It gives a subtle sheen of colour thats a refreshing change from the usual shimmer. Perfect Topping is a cooler toned pink due to the beige + purple tones in the mix.

Refined MSF


Refined is slightly more pigmented than Perfect Topping, and swatches as a coral-peach sheen.

Left to right: Lollipop Lovin' lipstick, Perfect Topping MSF, Refined MSF


The products' pigmentation are more similar to the first photo, but I changed the camera settings in the second photo so you can see the colours better:


I haven't had the chance at all to try out the nailpolishes but I will in a future post :)

For the MAC makeover, I basically told the makeup artist to do whatever look she wanted using products from the collection, so she went with a doll-like look.



Here's what she used:

Strobe cream/lotion (?)
Studio Sculpt Concealer NC20
MSF Natural in Light Medium
Dainty blush
Perfect Topping MSF

Lemon Chiffon shadestick, blended edges with concealer brush
Red Velvet shadestick
Sugarshot eyeshadow
Dear Cupcake eyeshadow
Kid eyeshadow lightly in crease
Jest (?) eyeshadow to highlight
Rich Ground Fluidline
mascara on top and bottom lashes
Brow pencil in Stripe, and used spoolie to soften them (The pics look ok because she took most of them off for me after I found them looking too harsh)

Some pink colour lipliner as base and to line
Saint Germain lipstick
Simply Delicious tri-coloured lipglass




I know its odd I didn't buy any of the products that were used on me, besides Perfect Topping MSF but thats because I already own similar enough shades. What I got were that I definitely did not own, and the MSFs because I can't resist MSFs :/

By the way, does anyone know of a great dupe for Seasonal Peach nailpolish? I'm still trying to justify the $$ for a cheaper version would be great! I'd prefer something with similar opacity, because I hate doing zillions of layers just to get the colour I want.

I'm still lemming the shadesticks and Saint Germain lipstick though, ALL because of the makeup artist! Saint Germain looked totally unwearable at first, but once she layered the tri coloured lipglass on top, it warmed up the colour which suited me better. (Cool, blue toned light shades are usually unflattering on me - eg. Melrose Mood from last year's Heatherette collection looked like a total disaster on me).


Yumeko said...

thanks for sharing the swatches
looks like perfect topping msf is something i have been looking for!

Liz said...

Cute makeover!!! I think it looks different than how you usually do your makeup yourself, which is a good thing as I imagine you'd want something different when done by a mua. :)

Perfect Topping looks great over Dainty - I like!

mayaari said...

your makeover makes you look so glowy! ooh you got peppermint patty...they were all sold out when I checked my MAC, I'm going to have to find some kind of dupe for it

AskMeWhats said...

wow you look gorgeous! your skin is really glowing and I love how flawless you look!!!!

Russian Fortune Cookie said...

Oh wow, that's actually a really flattering look! :) I've never had luck with MAC or any other artists doing looks on me, but this is adorable.

I was seriously lemming the Perfect Topping and Refined MSFs, but I decided I couldn't justify them having all those other unused MSFs in my collection, so... :P

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love your make-over! they did a good job! i really like the MSF... especially Perfect topping... but right now the msf are left redundant in my makeup box haha

MiuMiu said...

everything looks really nice on you, i esp love the eyes. i couldn't even tell that the MUA used that many shadows hehe

fuzkittie said...

Wow such a nice dolly look she did for you~ Very pretty! :] Cheeks are def glowing!

A. Rose said...

Your MUA did a great job with your look so pretty and dewy! Now I'm having second thoughts about passing up on the MSFs...

Jamilla Camel said...

I've got lollipop lovin too, and it's great!!

Thanks for sharing the swatches!

Cris said...

I love the eyes :D!
I want all 5 Shadesticks - and because I'm the type who buys either everything or nothing when wanting different shades of the same item, I'll probably get nothing :-P. Lol.

Crystal said...

nice haul! me, i'll just be getting some shadesticks.

Cheryl Anne said...

Nice makeover...really liking what they really is doll-like. So glowy and fresh. I always thought the MAC mua's always overdo makeovers, at least what I've seen, but this great!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that they used so many products on your eyes!
But it looks gorgeous!
I really like that they made you glow, but not overly glowy.

Phoebe said...

looking gorgeous as always! your skin is glowing!! :) i'm glad to see that the MUA actually knows something about enhancing asian features!!
too bad i missed my chance @ the perppermint patti nail polish! they are sold out everywhere GRR

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty! i should also schedule makeovers when i go shopping @ mac - it's worth it to see how the mua's use the products.
your sale is making me stress out! haha - i want to buy some of the new items but i should be saving up for school...eek. hope they find a nice home =)

Tara Cabullo said...

Your look is such a DOLL! Matches you perfectly. I can't wait for the Sugarsweet collection to hit our country :) I really want to get some pallettes!

Audrie said...

your skin looks soooooo glowy!!! I think the MA did a really good job on this look, she really did make Saint Germain wearable for you! I checked out the new MSFs from this collection and I was actually impressed with the much improved texture, but I didn't get them since I honestly never use highlighting products lol.

Oh and to answer your question about the Laneige water sleeping pack, I actually got it as a present from my cousin in Hong Kong, so I have no idea how much she bought it for, but I know the price is about 1/2 the price of the one being sold in China which was about $40-$50??, so I imagine it cost somewhere around $20-$25 in HK. Hope that helps, it's mostly an estimate :/

שָׂרָי said...

It looks like she did a really good job with the makeup.

Both of the MSFs sound nice....

miemiemie said...

wow i love how your makeover turned out, very innocent and pretty looking :) and there goes the mint green polish again! haha i swear everyone has it!

Fabulously Thrifty said...

Your skin looks so radiant in these pics! I need that MSF.

Grayburn said...

Ah oh now I have to run out to get Perfect Topping and Red Velvet...But I am so broke since I am back in school with all the makeup they make us buy.

hope things are well,

ChyiX2 said...

That make-over doesn't look halfbad! Usually I hate it when caucasians do my make-up because they generally don't know how to do my eyes but this MA did a nice job. I especially like the glowiness of the cheeks :)

sugabum said...

I LOVE this look on you! They did such a great job. Very different from your personal style of applying makeup. You're so glowy!

I love the MSFs! Like you said, they give a perfect glow without any glitter chunks. I went as far as buying myself two backups of total, that's $150 I don't have, lol. Maybe I'll return one set of backups, haha.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I bought the Perfect Topping yesterday and I love it so much.. it's so lovely makeup on you... I'll probably go back and get the lollipop loving lipstick... beautiful...

Amy said...

you look really really good :)
check my blog?

Melissa Joy said...

wow! perfect topping is so pretty on you!

Sarah said...

how much is the price for the shadesticks from the sugarsweet collection? thankx!

watercoloursky said...

Hi Sarah, the shadesticks are CAD $20 / US$16.50.

cheryl said...

oooh this pink look is amazing on u! the makeup artist did a good job. the look is so glowy and sophisticated. do u own any shadesticks? are they good?

Edna said...

so pretty. i only picked up the peppermint patti nail polish from the collection, now i think i need to go back for the lollipop loving lipstick !!!

i'm following your blogger :)

Angie said...

The MSFs look great! I don't touch mine because they're all too glittery! Good to know that these aren't! =)

I have Dainty! Maybe I should apply more so my cheeks look as awesome as yours!

I love how sweet/doll-like you look! I love how she did your eyes! The MUA did an awesome job!

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