Sunday, April 5, 2009

You've got mail!

Sorry I have been absent again! Work has been a killer, plus I started getting sick this week, foolishly downed a mug of NeoCitran Night yesterday, which basically knocked me out until...about an hour or two ago? Haha so sad...I basically spent Sunday just sleeping. I am going to try to blog more this week though.

As for the CK One giveaway, if you re-visited the post on Monday you'll see that the lucky winner was Cheryl! Thanks to everyone that participated and left their feedback :) And Cheryl, let me know when you receive it :)

As for the post title...I think everyone loves receiving packages in the mail, and these were no exception for me :) Plus, its not very often that one gets packages from locations such as Greece, and UK! In fact, usually I just get junk mail...:P

First, I did a swap with Cris for the Korres Wild Rose mask but received so much more!


She even took the time to handwrite the instructions for me in English since the box was all Greek to me ;)

Not only that, she included samples of the Korres Wild Rose moisturizer, as well as tons and tons skincare samples from Oriflame, another Greek a Swedish brand.


But my favourite part are the mini Oriflame lipstick samples, aren't they cute? They remind me of crayons for some reason, haha :0


And finally the Korres Wild Rose mask! I had this on my wishlist for a while because its gotten really great reviews on MUA for brightening skin. I will have to try it out for a month or so and see.


Thanks for swapping with me Cris! I'm looking forward to our next one :D She has a lot of things up for swap at the moment so do take a look!

Also I received a lovely surprise from Glowchaser aka Yasumi! She said was going to send me some BB cream samples but I did not expect everything else:


She used a cute Hello Kitty baggie for the samples too :)

The BB creams - probably just about all Skin 79 BB cream types :D and Liole Beyond the Solution BB cream.


Glitter nailpolish! Glow, this is awesome, because I've been lemming some ever since seeing Nicnic's gradient glitter nail tutorials, and you picked blue glitter too - perfect for me! :D


Paul & Joe skincare samples = sheer awesomeness :)


More samples - Dr Ci:Labo collagen mask (something I've been wanting to try after seeing Faux Fashionista's review), Korean collagen serum, Primavista samples, also some paper masks (not here but in the first picture. I think they are masks right? lol)


I must say I like how the Freshel powder sample actually came with its own sponge, thats not usually something I would expect in a sample.


Thank you Yasumi for your generosity! In case you don't know Yasumi, she is am extremely talented jewelry artisan - please do swing by her shop, Worship at the House of Blues to say hi and check out the wares!

Every piece she has put up so far sells within a day or two, so check back frequently! I am definitely commissioning a piece from her once I can get my mind made up on the style and colour. These are my favourites from her creations so far: Chained in Hearts and Pinned, you must check them out! :)


mayaari said...

those little lippies are adorable! looking forward to your review of the korres mask in a couple of weeks :)

hope you can fend off that bug and don't get sick!

AskMeWhats said... I see what Korress is!!!! :) Thanks for sharing the hauls you got!! Wow more BB creams to try!!!!

miemiemie said...

ooooh woooow look at all those goodies, yes those lippies do look like lil crayons..and woah bb creams :) you should review them soooon

Bunnie said...

I have the Korres Rose Mask as well and I looove it! Even after I wash it off, my face still smells lovely! :) I hope you like it as well. Canmake polishes! I want some tooo! I don't know where to find them! You got awesome extras!!

Cris said...

OMG it's so weird to see my stuff up there XD! But I'm happy you received everything :).
Oh, and Oriflame's Swedish, not Greek ;), but I thought I'd include some stuff anyway since it's not available in Canada and all :-P.

P.S. I hope I didn't pick horrible colours for the lipsticks XD.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

awesome packages! let us know how the korres mask goes! It's Lovely of Yasumi and Cris! xD

hope you're not too caught up with work, update more :D wanna see you glittered nails!

שָׂרָי said...

The lipstick samples are adorable that size! Clinique's samples used to be like that, but now they seem to be regular sized lipsticks.

Ahleessa said...

Wow you got a lot of goodies! :)

Rachel said...

Awesome swaps! I have the regular Skin79 Beblesh balm and I love it, but I haven't tried any other bb creams in their line.

Yumeko said...

wheee for packages!!

more korres! i keep seeing it around blogs lately hee

Crystal said...

that's a really nice loot! i've never tried swapping from someone from another country.

Cheryl Anne said...

Nice haul!

I;ll definitely let you know when the prize arrives. Thanks again for the contest!

Unknown said...

Love the lippies!!!

Grayburn said...


x Grayburn

cheryl said...

when u said "cheryl", i thought that was me, lol... do review the wild rose mask, i'm so curious about it too!

Angie said...

The Korres mask is wonderful! I love the smell. I hope it works well for you!

Look at all the BB cream and P&J samples!!!

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