Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jill Stuart Mix Blush compact, T'estimo Grande Shine Eyes

Here's something else I ordered from a Spring 2009 collection - Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 07 Lovely Tulip.

I got it off, the price is quite reasonable compared with the other online sites I usually visit. I also got two Majolica Majorca products to complete the order, more on those in another post.


The Jill Stuart packaging is just gorgeous, yes it is clear lucite but still manages to look and feel princessy.


The brush feels nice too, the bristles are soft and pick up the powder well. I do wish the bristles were longer and fuller though. The short bristles make it awkward to stipple on the blush. It kinda forces you to use a light hand, because a heavier hand with this brush may give you a unblended line of blush on the cheekbone.



Swatches of each colour:


Comparing swirled (left) with individual swatches:


Here's what the blush kinda looks like on. Its hard to capture the colour because the pinks are more of a glowy natural pink that gets washed out easily by the camera. I also didn't use much of the brightest pink, most of this was the lighter two pinks swirled together + some shimmer.


Miumiu requested that I do a look with the T'estimo palette I bought from Adam Beauty, so I wore it today as well.

The palette in question is T'estimo's Grande Shine Eyes in 04:



  • Cream shimmer (no pigment just bits of shimmer)
  • Sheer pink with pink shimmer
  • Gray-purple shade with multicoloured shimmer
  • Purplish-gray cream liner

Swatches: (in reverse order, beginning with the gel liner)


The palette is similar to the Frame Impact Eyes series, the only difference being the embossing on top of the powder shadows.

In terms of product quality, the shimmer is finer and more subtle than the Frame Impact series. However the pigmentation is not as good as Frame Impact Eyes. You'll see how light the pink colour is in the FOTD pictures even though I used a coloured base underneath (Shiseido Hydro-powder in Bare Pink).

The pink colour also fades quickly. I could try piling tons of it to show up on my lids, but even when I did so, with a base, the pink loses its vibrancy quickly. The gray purple shade is much better as it shows up easily, but the purple tones in the grey tend to be lost once on my eye. All the gorgeous multicoloured shimmer doesn't show up as well too when applied :/ These colours are the type that just look better in the pan...

The cream shadow, as with most Japanese palettes is usually useless to me so I didn't even bother touching it. The cream gel liner though is a dream to apply, it goes on smoothly. It does not smudge, but the lasting power cannot rival that of MAC Fluidlines. I don't mind though, I still love having it around because having a liner automatically included in the palette is so convenient!




Whole look with T'estimo, Jill Stuart, and MAC Popster tinted lip conditioner:



I'll be looking at the giveaway entries tomorrow and probably announcing the winner Monday.


Jamilla Camel said...

I love the blush and the eye palette!!

I've got JS in No. 6 and I love it!

Lovely look.

cheryl said...

i just love your reviews u know? the jill stuart blush looks pretty...

K said...

I've been eyeing this Jill Stuart cheek palette! I've heard so many good things about it but I'm scared it may look too pink on me. It looks great on you!

Yumeko said...

lovely look
i like testimo
its too bad they stopped selling it

ChyiX2 said...

Loving the FOTD! Very subtle yet colorful at the same time. The Jill stuart packaging is to die for! It's any girls princess dream come true :)

Cris said...

OMG...That divine Jill Stuart cheek palette that every famous beauty blogger has :D...It's so lovely ^_^!!! Congrats on getting it :).
<3 your look :).
And lol at "Remember to add the 'u' in 'watercolour' :P" XD, thankfully I use British spelling :-P.

Anonymous said...

The Jill Stuart palette is really adorable! I saw it first at Fuzkittie, and already thought "how pretty". ;)

I love your subtle eye makeup! Really nice for everyday.

Abby said...

Those blushes looked awfully pink in the palette though I must say it looked more natural on your face. You're pretty ;)

AskMeWhats said...

Your makeup is gorgeous and fresh looking!!! :D

fuzkittie said...

Wow that T'estimo e/s looks REALLY pretty!!! I love the color combo.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Very pretty FOTD! the blush looks lovely on you, it looks very pigmented but soft at the same time! The packaging does look cute but the price makes me wince... lol!

mayaari said...

aww you got the jill stuart blush - so pretty! i seriously need to look into more asian eyeshadows when i'm off my mini-makeup ban

Ahleessa said...

The blush is gorgeous! :)

Phoebe said...

wowwww.. soo pretty.. you & the blush of course :) popster suits u really well! BTW 'm a fellow torontonian :p

Anonymous said...

wow, they princessy~ such pretty designs :)

the blush looks really nice as well. a really nice flush^^

JCZ said...

that's a beautiful blush compact. And i love the eye shadows

MiuMiu said...

your eyes look so pretty! thanks for the fotd =D
the jill stuart blush looks so cute and princessy! but i dunno if i could spurlge on such a blush hehe...just not yet.

Eleganteve said...

The Jill Stuart Blush is so pretty! And the packaging is very princessy =)

Janelle said...

The blush & eye shadow looks really nice on you. Glowy & natural!

Angie said...

So pretty! Her stuff does look really princess-y! =) I think the blush is so pretty on you!

I love how neutral that look is yet it stands out! I love it!

kkkkatie said...

This blush looks terrific on you!

The little sephora sample RSVP is great =) I liked it so much that I just picked up my full size one today. You should definitely check it out!

Unknown said...


You look blooming adorable with your lovely blusher on!!

hihihihihi you bought it!! I am still TRYING to hold back :(

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