Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cargo blu_ray concealer

As requested by Cheryl here is a review on Cargo's blu_ray concealer.


It dispenses via a sponge tip applicator - different from most other pen-style concealers which have a brush.


Once you twist up the product it looks like this


The shade I bought was 01, and it matches my skintone NC20-ish quite well. The problem I have with most concealers is they are too light or dark, but this Cargo concealer has been the best colour match so far, better than Armani's #2 concealer, or Dior Skinflash 002.

Left eye



Right eye



I know the lighting is slightly different in the after pictures, however you can still see the difference it makes if you compare the undereye area with the rest of the eye area. The coverage is more natural / sheer, so it is only for those with mild to moderate dark circles. This would not cover up eyebags for sure.

I like the coverage, but unfortunately it still does crease for me with my right eye, as there is a line there that is more prominent :/

In terms of covering blemishes, this concealer is again too sheer for major blemishes, however it covers most minor redness and spots. I'm quite surprised that the colour also works for my face, as usually undereye concealers are too light for me to use for the other face areas.

Price: US$28 / CDN$ 28

- lightweight
- easy to apply / pick up product from the pen format
- shade matches my skin perfectly enough to use for both undereyes and blemishes
- no price mark-up for Canadians! Lol :)

- creases slightly after a few hours
- coverage is sheer
- sponge tip not as sanitary as brush pens (as those can be cleaned still)

Overall, I would repurchase simply because I haven't found anything that matches my skintone and doesn't crease that much yet. However this is still not quite HG status.


Shop N' Chomp said...

Great review :) I'm also an NC20. Will have to check this out!

fuzkittie said...

Good review! I keep thinking that Cargo really needs a packaging makeover! All their blu-ray stuff is really unattractive to be honest, hahaha.

Yumeko said...

its too bad abt the crease
i have a really deep line in my right eye so i doubt this will work for me T-T

AskMeWhats said...

too bad it creases on you, the shade is perfect!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh this product sounds interesting even though its not available here!

Anonymous said...

wow it looks like it worked! thanks for the review!

Cris said...

Looks good, especially on the left eye ^_^! But I don't think we have that line here yet :(...
Actually, if we did, it'd be overpriced >:-). I guess I can check whether anyone's swapping it :-/...

Bijin Blair said...

I hope you do find a HG concealer! One that creases is a nono in my book haha.

izumi said...

great review :D

i really like kevin beautymaker's aqua eyes concealer.. it's a little inconvenient because it's in a "pan" but it works really well!

Cheryl Anne said...

never heard of this...thanks for the review!

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