Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer giveaway! *updated*

No, I did not forget! I realise I haven't been the most diligent blogger of late (quite an understatement, ha). I'm going to be doing a few giveaways to thank you readers who continue to visit despite that :)

Since the colour trend appears to be blue this season, I thought a blue themed summer giveaway would be appropriate for the first one.


Summer Giveaway June

Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palette in BL763
Benefit Badgal Blue mascara
Gosh Tropical eye pencil in 102 Lemongrass
Annabelle Le Gloss lipstick in Figgy (Canadian dupe of MAC Slimshines)
My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask
MD Perricone moisturizer sample

To qualify:

1. Must be a follower of my blog
2. Leave a comment indicating you are a follower, and your email add if it isn't already in your profile/blog.
3. In your comment, suggest a pair of flats/sandals for me this summer. You can include links or email me pictures separately. Must not be high heels, as I need something I can walk around all day in. You can recommend more than one if you wish!

I seem to be in a shoe rut, and only own boots, flip flops, and sneakers these days, so besides flip flops I really have nothing girly to wear with skirts/dresses in summer. Nothing in the stores I've been to appeals to me, or maybe I'm too picky, so I need ideas! Anything you can recommend would be lovely, even if it isn't available in Canada your recommendations may at least help encourage me to look at styles I don't normally go for.

Giveaway ends Thursday June 18, 2009. Giveaway winner will be picked via, however whoever gives my favourite shoe recommendation will also win a surprise :) This is open internationally so all are welcome!

*Update* I think I will hold off publishing any of the entries until the giveaway has ended. Don't worry I have been checking out all of the recommendations, thanks so much! :)


yvonne said...

Hey Arashi!

I've been a follower of your blog since the days when ABB was popular and I love your EOTD and FOTDs!

I'm recommending 2 shoes from a company called Melissa. The shoes are called Mistery and Compana Zigzag. You can view them here:

And these shoes are vegan and environmentally friendly too.

Thanks for the contest!

CherryColors said...

YAY a giveaway!

I am a follower ^^
I would suggest you to get a combo between flip flops and sandals. I got them in new yorker for 13€ which is really affordable.
I blogged about them here:

I even take a picture of me wearing them with long pants!

kkkkatie said...

hey! I realized just now that I not actually a 'follower' of your blog haha.. I've been reading your blog for a long time now via google reader. But I'm officially a follower now.

I suggest this pair of jcrew sandals.

I have this pair in cream, and it's SO comfy. I can walk for miles in these. You can dress them down or up, so it's nice and versatile =)

Hope this helps!

fuzkittie said...

I recommend flats from Coach or Tory Burch! I think Coach has some really cute flats recently even though I'm not usually a Coach fan. They have ones that aren't covered in logo! :D The Vinnette flat comes in a light color that's perfect for summery colors!

I've had so much trouble finding shoes too, because nothing in the market seems appealing!

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi, I suggest the following shoes


sindylicious said...


Great giveaway :)
I'm a follower and just in case, i leave my email again :

These are what I suggest from the more casual to the ones that are a bit more dressy:

I love the details on the front of these ,<3

Voila! I hope they'll like them lol

Dianna said...

thanks for holding this great giveaway! i've been on a sandal high and can't wait for the temperature to get hot already.

here's my suggestion:

i love matt bernson sandals and think they're a good investment because they're very comfortable, built to last and the design is not too trendy so that you can wear them summer after summer. I also prefer sandals in metallic shades because they elongate the legs and can be worn with any color.

I also want to suggest these old navy sandals:

i love to wear them when i go to the beach or travel. they're relatively inexpensive so it won't matter if they get chewed up or if a strap breaks.

Good luck with finding the perfect pair of sandals!

. : * justine * : . said...

Ah, I LOVE flats. That's pretty much all I own (as I only wear girly things... all year round) so I would need the opposite recommendations! For walking flats I really like PRIVO by Clarks, but adidas (and adidas by Stella McCartney) and PUMA also make nice walking flats. I have nice flats from Lacoste, but there is not a lot of arch support so I wouldn't recommend walking all day in them!

My favourites (mostly blacks/greys... to go with whatever you wear!)

Good luck with your shoe hunt!


These are my favourite less 'practical' flats... trying to find my size in them!

And I am a follower! Blog is @

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...


Gladiator Flats..Fashionable:

Comfy and suits most:

The two sites:

I recommend both sites..Good range..

Amazing giveaway..Enter me :D

izumi said...

i am a follower xD hahaha. :P

all the ones i like are pretty similar styled xD just looking at colors i guess.

L! said...

Ah, I LOVE shoes :)

What do you think of these Marc Jacobs flats:

I think they're super cute! I think they can be found at Holt Renfrew.

Apart from those, I've looked around Brown's, Feet First, Nine West, even Aldo, but I haven't been able to find a pair of shoes for myself to fall in love with :(

Oh, and I'm a follower! Leannababy754(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

hey blu3! i actually just figured out that i can follow blogs without having a blogger account, so you're the first blog i'm following now!

i love gladiator sandals - very cute casual and can be dressed up. (try these: i also swear by my minnetonka moccasins or my silver birkenstocks.

thanks for having such a neat giveaway =)

T said...

Hi, yup I'm a follower and I love your blog partly because your reviews are amazing and because you review Canadian products that I can find in my own town! :)

For flats I'd recommend these Dior babies. I've been dreaming about them ever since I laid my eyes on them.

They would go well with summer dresses and are really feminine and girly.

Oh and my gmail is tera9000. Thanks for having this great giveaway!

Naomi said...


Sugestion: Gabriella Rocha
Breeze sandals

The colors available are eye catching plus it has great style.


Lulu said...

Hi there, I am a follower :)
I was just looking around for summer sandales last night :p I also hate high heels because I can't walk in them at all. I really like this pair:
It's got a few color selections if you don't like gold. I think this is pretty girly and would go nicely with a skirt or a dress. Plus I've been really into the gladiator style haha.
For flats I recommend this:
Anything with bows on it wins my heart, hahaha.
Good luck with your shoe search :)

Whitney & the full effect said...

hi hun!
i'm a follower- and my email addy is:

some great sandals I found are here:,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=60&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_SHOES_SANDALS&popId=WOMENS_SHOES&prepushId=,+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=105&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=W_SHOES_SANDALS&popId=WOMENS_SHOES&prepushId=

chibi said...

I'm a follower.
My email is

My shoe recommendation is

It's a flat slingback with a gathering detail in the front.
The color is a mixture of browns which should go perfectly with any kind of summer dress, skirt, or shorts.
It's casual for everyday wear yet dressy enough for dinner.
I think it's a classic sandal that can be worn for years to come.
And it's a slingback, so no having to fuss with tiny buckles.

My other suggestion is to check out Target's website for trendy summer shoes at an affordable price.
The selection is impressive for this season's flats and heels.

MiuMiu said...

i'm follower =)
i think you should go for a pair of simple ballerina flats. if you get the right fit, they're comfy all day. i would go for a white or silver pair, that way you can match it with anything. and you gotta make sure there's a bow in the front!
if that fails, how about the onitsuka tiger tokidoki lunetta flats in the white variation?

~Lisa said...

Yay! I'm a follower and my email is
Hmm...I suggest you go to this store across from Dragon City in Chinatown called Meteorite! (TORONTO) They have a lot of nice shoes and they now have a BOGO sale on selected types.
At payless, they also have some nice flats. One I like is...(see link)

Here's the link to all the flats they have..

PB said...

Lovely giveaway! I'm not taking part but I personally do not like gladiator sandals so I'd say do NOT get gladiators :) Good luck everyone and have fun!

Gianie said...

Hello! Long time follower of your site (love your in-depth reviews) - recently moved to blogger :)so now I'm official, haha!

I have some shoe inspiration links I'll send to your email, I love helping ppl find stuff :)

Thanks for the fun contest, yay summer!<3

stellarvixen said...

hola blue,
may i suggest you the ever-versatile & comfy leather gladiator sandals!!

a white gladiator is able to match with soo many summer outfits, sun-dress, denim-shorts etc

checkit out at polyvore:

i'll email my photos in brown gladiators ;)

hope you fancy my suggestions!
thanks for the WONDERFUL giveaway *hugss

Unknown said...

I'm a follower now :)

Hmm shoes how I love them!
I suggest you take a look at these:
I like the Green one the most but they have four other colors to choose from.
The purple ones look especially cute.

I hope their to your liking. You didn't set a price range so they're all in different prices. :D

*~Tiko said...

Hi~ It's my 1st time participating in a giveaway, so exciting! I'm a follower and my recommendation is the adorable camper TWINS flats.

Thanks and good luck to everyone~

MaryJoyce said...

Hi Blu! I would suggest the ff:

-espadrilles, would go well with dresses, i prefer wedge ones for a simple/casual/sweet look that is perfect for summer.

-Melissa's VW anglomania+ultragirl, this one i find would go well with any outfit. I particularly like the green/bluish one.

-Melissa's ultra girl J Maskrey
, soooo glam but at the same time, i think you can use it either day or night. I find the design really pretty

Well, i hope i have been able to help. Thanks for the giveaway!

Im a follower!

Nicole said...

Have you checked out the Joe Fresh flats? They don't fit me because I'm a half size, but they look cute.

Stephanie said...

I know not everyone loves the LOOK of Reefs but I love their ESB Ballet Shoes listed here:

check em out!

Kar Yi said...

Hiii :] I'm a follower and my email is: [its different than my blogger email]. I'm surprised there are no comments so far 0_0 well, I guess I'll be first hehe!

Wahh, you don't own a pair of summer shoes?! Personally I love gladiators :) They're edgy and great for casual occasions ^_^ Here's an example from Nordstrom :

I also love florals and I adore these two shoes. The first one is from Poetic Licence and the second from Steve Madden

Lastly, if you're looking for a simple yet stylish shoe I think this one is a good candidate. It's from Enzo Angiolini and its pretty cheap too! Its on sale now for less than $35!

I hope you find the perfect shoe youre looking for this season ^_^

Anonymous said...

I am a follower, and my email is xpandasmiles[at]gmail[dot]com.

I like this type of flat sandals for the summer, it's a nice alternative to flip flops and ballet flats. I like that they're simple and feminine and they probably won't give blisters the way flats/flip flops sometimes do, so they're probably great to use when you have to walk around a lot.,2,10,17#9-satin-sandal-with-pleated-organza-bow-and-pearl-details-2,2,10,17

Mona said...

- i'm a follower :P
- email me:
i can talk to you about shoes ALL day.. like seriously

can i recommend you a pair of golden/bronzy flats for the summer? peep toe with jewels on top...

these aren't exactly flats but they're summer perfect :P

Pinky Tham said...

hi there! have been following your blog for quite a while as a silent reader. :) hope you like my suggestion!

this husky chain sandal is simple and cute,

or even this

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Hi Blu3!!

great giveaway :)

Well im a follower :D

I suggest these:

they have a little heel which will go nicely with dress and skirts, and you can also walk around in them.

their from riverisland by the way. A UK store :)

I think they will go will a lot things!!

The 4 Rockstars said...

I'm a follower!

Edna said...

Hi, I'm a follower, been one for a while already :P

I'm pretty sure my email is on my blog, but it's && my blog is

Since Im always bombarded with Steve Madden emails, here are some of my picks from them. It's nice and high quality plus it's not flimsy or made with cheap material.

I like the ruffles because it makes the look feminine and girly. There's a variety of colors to choose from, as well.. Plus the sandle isn't too plain like a flipflop. ANNNNND it's $10 buxs off :))))) YAAAY

I also like this one because of the flower and the brighter colors so you can pair it up with a cute outfit for work or weekend.

Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blu3~
Technically I'm not really participating on the giveaway, but wanted to in terms of suggesting something :)

For comfort, I think that birkenstocks are nice (once your feet get used to the arch.) they have the slide ones, or the thongy ones...(you can check out the softmoc website for more~ plus 10% off if you use visa :P)
Other than that, sometimes Naturalizer has cute heeled sandles that are priced alright, and don't look like they are made for people in their 40's~ They usually have rubber soles making it more cushiony and comfortable~
Anyway good luck on finding a good shoe~

cibicco said...

I tend to pair sandals with casual dresses instead of flats. The pair below would look cute with a flirty white dress in the summer.

K said...

I like metallic sandals for the summer... how about these?

Holly said...

Hi! I've been following you ever since your ELF swatch post. I really like your in-depth posts and reviews, and this contest is a great idea!

I'm in love with sandals. :)

Lily said...


I'm a Canadian follower, wooohoo :)
my gmail is Lillian.Y

Hmm something summery (I really love these by Karen Miller but unfortunately they're not flats..)

Maybe something along the style of these Jimmy Choos (they'd go with everything):

There's these Prada flats that are very summery:


Gucci flats:

I love shoes with zipper detailing, but these aren't too summery:

Yeah, I'm in love with the above shoes at the moment, and can't find anything I like in the stores either. There's so many Gladiator flats, but I can't seem to match them with skirts/dresses.

Anonymous said...

hello~ thank you for holding this contest!

I would highly recommend these babies here:

Even though i think they are available online, they are super stylish. They are gladiator sandles, but they are unique from the rest of the sandals in Canada or US. These i think are made in Asia, so i think the feet shape would suit asians better!!!

Hope I helped~


*i will be ur follower after i post this comment.

my e-mail:

~X said...

I'm a follower!!

hope you will like this!!

its on sale too!..=)

Babybubblz said...

I'm a follower, my email is

I recommend these Clark sandals, I got them last season, but they are still available at Softmocs.


Unknown said...

hi~ i'm a pretty new follower to your blog, i hope i qualify to enter =P

for me, i love ballet flats. simply because they can make a great combination with nearly anything you wear. from dress, shorts to jeans. they're quick, easy and it's a nice girly look even if you're just in a tshirt and jeans.

first the colour, my advice is to go for neutral colours or metallic. for neutral i dont mean just white brown and black but also the shades, maybe not so much grey. (white shoes are great btw xD easy to match for summer, and gives abit of life for winter). metalics, eg: a dull silver's a great colour all year around. and pearl's really cute x3 (more natural shades, i’ve tried gold and it’s ok but flashy, also seen a really nice metallic pastel pink but great for some things and a no-no for others).

the reason why i dont suggest bright colours like blues, reds etc is cos i think they're harder to match. i do have a pair of red flats and i find with great with jeans! (<3 jeans great with anything ^0^) but with dresses... i guess it depends on the dress’ colour... but for versatile reasons, leave the wacky colours for alternative pairs.

Second the style, go for sometime simple. yes we all like fancy shoes, but again versatile reasons. Note: pics are from (great site a friend recommended me! Really nice clothes~)
It’s simple, girly but not over the top and comfortable. if you have room, it’ll fit a pair of insoles for extra comfort (not crazy thick ones).

Other types to consider: Canvas flats: alot of patterns, designs and colour!

For sandals, i find sandals give u a wide range of colours that’ll still be easy to match. I reckon its cos there’s more skin coming through so it’s less overpowering LOL
more colours xD yay, the red one’s nice and bold. Something to note about that style of back straps. i know the one in the pic is synthetic leather, but from experience if u get similar style’s that made with a material that will stretch (eg real leather) and your heel isn’t as defined. That strap’s gonna get loose on your heels. that one looks ok cos they’re flats, but it’s a pain if they were high heels. So i dunno, from the picture it looks like you can punch another hole in it but just something to consider for other shoes u might come across. whereas this pic
the from strap will hold the shoes to your feet.
i know wedge shoes come and go... some people love it others think it’s ridiculous but i think they’re more stable and comfortable cos there’s more support. But pick something that’s got a lower heel.

Also consider other slippers/thongs/ flip flops, they can be fashionable with dresses too: <-- 3cm heel apparently, the heel looks like it’s a wedge. Or

Lastly, i wouldn’t advise getting shoes online unless u have spare cash, or know exactly which shoe you want. because alot of the times u might see something you really like but when u put it on it looks terrible(usually the fancy stuff .-.). Other times the sole might be really uncomfortable =/ or the the straps might cut in. It’s best to try before u buy!

Ps: oops didn’t think it’ll be so long ._.”

Unknown said...

I would recommend Steven Madden sandals as they're very good quality. I especially love this:

Its on sale right now too! I have a pair in black and it looks good with any outfit. I love that the strap makes my feet look slimmer and the design is pretty but not too over the top or distracting. Hope you like these :]

Unknown said...

I am a new follower of your blog, came across this while browsing through other beauty bloggers.
Obviously, I love make up, beauty products, & fashion..well, they sort of relate to each other anyways.
What came to mind when you said you are in search of a fun summer sandal is the pair I got in, guess where of all places...Payless!!!
..but gosh, I realized you don't have it in Canada.. Shucks, bummer :(
I guess I still would do a "show & tell" for you for the sake of your giveaway..(hint, hint)
Sooo, I will simply cut & paste this comment and attach the cutesy footsies I snatched, out of the blue when the Shoe Goddess was lookin' over ;)
& you will see what I mean..
keep on bloggin' girl!!!
anskee 3>

Tiffany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T said...

Hi, I'm a follower of your blog.

Since you live in Toronto, how about Spring shoes?

I get regular updates from them and right now they have tons of cute flats on sale.

If you're interested, let me know and I can def give you the code to access the online sale!

Some really cute shoes that caught my eye: for $29.98 Patent cut-out ballerina flats for $19.98 (comes in black too) for $29.98
kitten heels come in black too, for $37.48

Wow I sound like a Spring ad..but hopefully you find something you like!

My g-mail account is tera9000. Love your blog btw!


Belinda M said...

I am a new follower of your blog.
My suggestion is this pair

They are dressy, very low heel and would look nice with a dress or capris

Gabriela said...

Hi! I`m a follower of your blog. My email is:

I have been searching for a beautiful flat sandals and I have found these:
If you like them, the link to buy them is:

Thanks for the give-away!!!

ChyiX2 said...

Here's a very nice shoe from a danish company called: Stylesnob

I have them in black myself and they come in white, camel, champagne, grey, pink, yellow, black and silver.

It's perfect for summer, and they're not like the regular ballerinas as you see everywhere these days. They have a holed pattern on top and very cute and perfect for summer.

If you do like one of these pairs and find our they don't ship internationally, let me know and I'll be more than happy ship them to you.

Erh...yes I think that's it. Also I'm a follower and my e-mail:

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