Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phytojoba shampoo & hair mask

Finally writing a review of this after putting it off for many months :D

Phyto's Phytojoba range is supposedly targeted towards dry hair. Since my hair was feeling quite dry with 'sticky' ends that tangled constantly, I decided to give them a try even though they cost a lot more than I would normally pay for haircare.

The shampoo comes in a cool metal bottle, while the conditioner comes in a huge plastic jar.

Phytojoba shampoo

The smell of the shampoo is quite pleasant, like coconut with a hint of marshmallow. One thing I hated about the shampoo bottle design is the opening. It is basically an open neck bottle, while the shampoo itself is much more fluid than other normal shampoos. Everytime I wanted to dispense some onto my hand, no matter how careful I was, I always ended up pouring a bit too much or too little.

As for how the shampoo worked, it foamed easily which I like, most shampoos that promise not to strip hair of moisture usually don't foam well (eg. Burt's Bees). I found that my hair definitely felt less stripped or rough once the shampoo was rinsed off. Usually my hair would feel a bit tangly and not smooth after shampoo before conditioner but this one felt gentle on the hair.

However I still did not like the shampoo, because I noticed it didn't seem to clean my roots enough. After each wash I noticed my hair still looked a bit clumpy at the roots as if there was still oil around the root and scalp area. I think this problem could perhaps be solved if you rub your scalp vigorously enough to remove the oil, but since my hair is quite fine and thin I prefer to avoid touching and tugging at the scalp at all.

Since this was already in winter, when my hair doesn't even get that oily I know this won't even do in summer. Thus I won't be repurchasing this.



Phytojoba hair mask

The tub that the hair mask comes in is quite convenient for scooping out whatever amount you need. It has a light citrusy scent, completely different from the shampoo.

The mask is quite thick so a small grape size amount was sufficient for my long hair (and less if you have shorter hair). I used it as a conditioner since my ends are always tangled and dry, and its been working wonderfully. It is quite expensive but since the container is so large and easy to ration the quantity you want, it lasts for a good while. I started using mine December last year and I still have about 1/6 left (and I do wash my hair 5 to 7 days a week).

Currently I am testing the Phytocyane shampoo for thinning / fine hair and the Phytojoba mask still works quite well with it.



Overall, I would definitely recommend the Phytojoba hair mask for dry ends. As for the shampoo, I would say to only try it if you have really dry scalp and roots, otherwise it would only look like you hadn't washed your hair at all :P

P.S. Rasilla asked where I got this from - I purchased them from Sephora. There are other online sites that sell these but I figured with Sephora there was their return policy to fall back on if I didn't like it.

By the way seems to have added more things to their sale (or maybe I missed them the first time). The Paul & Joe lipstick kit (with the kitty pouch) is on sale, and some of their Summer collection items as well. Go here.

Too Faced also has their Lockdown cream shadow in Prisoner of Love for half price & some glitter liners.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your review :)
I like that you are always so thourough, listing details one might not think of...which is great, so informative :D
But question, where did you get this?

fuzkittie said...

Do you think the hair mask smells really weird? In a bad way... hahaha.

izumi said...

sounds interesting.. wish i had known about this when i had my longer hair xD hahaha. thank goodness my short hair is MUCH more manageable! have you heard of the ojon hair treatment? also expensive but it's supposed to work really, really well.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

nice reviews on phyto hair range!! i bought one of their l in conditioners once and it was so expensive like £18!! they tend to have a short shelf life too :/

Edna said...

Thanks for the review. I used to use Hair Relaxing Balm from that line for my unmanageable hair. [not sure why I stopped using it.. prob because of the price], but I'll look into the shampoo/conditioner.. still looking for that one brand that does wonders to my hair!

Cris said...

You're good :) - I'd probably forget what the product was like if it took me that long to review it, lol.

Aradani said...

i've only tried samples of this brand when my hair was really dry. I managed to save it with nexus humectress leave-in spray though. i want to try that mask too though

cheryl said...

hey blue how's it going? i have the phytopanama shampoo (which is for frequent use on oily hair) and it's rubbish. i'm so mad cos now i have a whole bottle left and i dunno what to do with it. after washing my hair with it, my hair looks DIRTY! worse then before, can u believe it?!

Anonymous said...

I was converted to this product line a while back because I have SEVERLY dry hair through relaxing products, etc. I was skepticle in the beginning and even after I started. The products are ALL natural and use Natural silicones so as not to weigh down the hair and break the hair shafts. If your hair is dry, it takes a couple of weeks to "recondition" your hair. You really can not use too much of these products. In fact, in the begining, you basically put in the leave in conditioners until you have excess, or your hair has absorbed all it can at once. This is ok because its all vegetable products... Also, with the shampoos, you MUST shampoo twice. It was designed to work that way... Anyways, my two cents on your experience.

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