Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend hauls

I changed my template! I think I've been sick of the current layout for ages, but couldn't find a satisfactory replacement until now. I think I'll keep it simple for now.

I am super excited about this weekend's purchases so I had to post them now :D It ended up being rather wordy at the beginning, so if you get bored just skip to the pretty pictures :)

First on Friday I stopped by the MAC counter after work because the bf had to pick up a present so of course I made a side trip :D I couldn't get my Graphic Garden products though because I had done the pre-order at a different counter...will have to make the trip there next week. I must say I'm surprised they are releasing Graphic Garden earlier than in the US...that doesn' happen often!

However I did check out the Colour Craft collection. I wasn't interested in the eyeshadows or glosses at all so I barely even glanced at them. I just don't think it looks attractive having the pan split into 4 quarters of colour like that. In my opinion the most they should ever have is a split pan of 2 colours. Also I ignored the glosses because I really am trying not to buy any MAC glosses as they tend to be too sheer and sticky for me. The lipsticks are nice though, I like the look of Colour Crafted, a light pink lipstick, but I doubt it would show up the same colour on me so I passed.

The blushes were really pretty in the pan. The marbling was a lot nicer than last year's Sonic Chic release as it made them look more like MSFs than blushes. However they were also a lot more shimmery than last years with less pigment. My wallet was quite happy seeing that, because in the end none of the colours were calling out to me.

I completely ignored the tri-colour MSFs because honestly I hate they way they look. I love MSFs for the marbling/veining, and these split pan MSFs look so blah as they have zero veining, just strips of solid colour.

The 3 regular MSFs had all my attention. Sunny by Nature was a really unique MSF as the finish was almost matte, maybe a slight pearl finish. I was sorely tempted to buy it but the colour was a dark bronze with a slight orange tones, so I decided against it in the end. Cheeky Bronze was the most typical example of what a mediocre MSF usually is - some colour but lots of shimmer. It reminded me of Light Flush MSF which I already have, so I passed.

So here's what I got...

  • Porcelain Pink MSF
  • 226 brush

Porcelain Pink was just as lovely in real life as described by fellow make-up addicts, a pale pink + gold veining so I had to get it. It swatches very pale pink though, so if using a brush especially those duo fibre ones it will be a highlighter not a blush.


I also got the 226 because I had been lemming another blending brush for ages, and since everyone was raving about this on MUA I figured I might as well try it. It has a tapered tip that looks good for depositing colour onto the outer corner.


I may go back later for the 131 duo fibre brush but thats about it. I'm still debating the 131 because I do already have the 187 and 188...but judging by the shape and size of the brush head I think the 131 is going to work best for blush because its larger than the 188, which is a bit too small for blush, and its smaller than the 187, which is too big for blush. Man if it wasn't LE I wouldn't even think about it but the fact that this is limited makes me think twice.

Saturday I went to The Bay because they had a promotion going on, if you brought in your old mascara they would give you a $10 coupon for mascara. I have way too much mascara than I need though (working on 2 mascaras right now, and another 3 brand new to work though). So I asked them if I could use it on a mascara base instead, and sinec they said yes, decided to try the Shiseido mascara base. I've always heard raves for it but have never tried it.


If you missed it try going as soon as you can anyway. I passed by The Bay again today and it looks like they were still giving away the vouchers. Also the vouchers were merely photocopied pieces of paper (lol) and are valid until July 24...

Anyway after that I went to the newly opened Shu Uemura counter at Holt Renfrew, where they had a promotion going on over the weekend. From Jul 9-12, every purchase over $45 will get you a free pair of Luxe Brown lashes. Also if you subscribe to the Holts e-newsletter they sent out an email that you could print and bring in for a free travel size kit.

I also had a makeover done on the spur of the moment (I wasn't going to go at all until I decided last minute to call and see if they had makeover spaces still available). The lady did a good job with the makeover but I did have some complaints - she removed my tinted moisturizer using cleansing oil + cotten, then removed the oil with damp cotton. But of course that wasn't enough to remove all the cleansing oil so my face felt a bit greasy....I don't get why she had to use cleansing oil like that! She didn't use any face or eye primers either, so my face looked like an oil slick after 3 hrs in the humidity, and the liner smudged BADLY (by badly I mean it went on the crease of my eye so I had a funky line going across my eyelid that probably showed every time I blinked.

On the plus side though, she did a great job with the foundation application and blending. She used the Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation in 564 and a natural taupe + colour for the eyes. I specifically requested though that she use the Glow On blush in Peach 47 because I had seen Glow and Jamilla recommend this. Funny thing is she loved how the blush looked on me so much that she bought one herself :D For lips I requested a medium pink colour, so she brought out a few for me to choose from, and I picked the OR 585

So here's what I went home with - no surprises really.

  • Glow On blush in Peach 47
  • Rouge Unlimited in OR 585
  • Luxe Brown lashes
  • travel kit (samples of Fresh and Antioxidant cleansing oils, skincare gel cream)


The free Luxe Brown lashes

Glow On Peach 47

Rouge Unlimited OR 585

You can see the blush colour here, but my face is super shiny because of the humidity.



MiuMiu said...

omg! a promo for $10 voucher!? wait there must be a catch to it...what kind (brand) of mascara did you have to give them? wish i was there for that event!

cleung341 said...

I tried the Face Architect by Shu before and I loved it too. Haven't had the chance purchase it yet, but it looks like a perfect match on you. I also use the Shiseido mascara base religiously. It really works and lengthens and thickens without weighing the lashes down.

AskMeWhats said...

wow, you got yourself MAC 226 and I cant' wait for your feedback.

Like your new template...very simple but nice to the eyes.

Anonymous said...

ah after seeing your twitter post I really wanted to go on Sat, but I was at a tournament, and just couldn't leave to go to the mall for it :T sigh, but I can't wait to hear more about the mascara base :) I have read a few about them as well, and they did seem very positive~ but bases tend not to work well with me, so yeah...more reviews the better :)
I like this layout, very simple and easily displays everything that one might need in navigating themselves around.
Anyway humidity was insane on Sat :( my face was so slick it was disgusting...even with blotting! lol. but meh, its one of the few real summer days we have had so I guess I really can't complain! lol

izumi said...

that blush looks lovely on you! and i love your cc purchases :) i agree, i dislike the tricolor MSF's for the exact same reason.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Nice haul!! argh im trying to avoid more MAC blushes hahaha... but i saw the new release... so tempting!!

the Shu peach blush looks V pretty!! good choice :D

Cris said...

I love the paragraph about the brushes - I was like, "What O_O?!? [Confused with all the brush numbers] XD. Had to re-read it. You really know these things :).
And wow at the lady buying the blush too because of how it looked on you :D.
Oh, and very professional-looking layout ;).

Anonymous said...

Likin' the layout!

Katie said...

Love everything you got esp the shu lashes, they are my fav! I am glad they brought back the 226 cause I missed it the first time around. The blush looks nice on you too!

Edna said...

Nice haul :) How come everyone is going crazy about the 226 brush? I got it when the BBR collection, but I never use it :( Maybe cuz I haven't figured out a good use for it... boooooo

Unknown said...

The peach blush is fab on you!! I have that too it was my first ever blush xx

Bijin Blair said...

What a nice haul!!! The blush really suits you!

Jamilla Camel said...

I've got Glow On Peach 47 and I love it!!!

I know about humidity..I got it full blast in India for two weeks..I hate sweating!

Anonymous said...

Nice haul!!! I WANT the MAC 226 brush sooo bad, since I missed it last time. And this time, it is already sold out everywhere here in Austria again. :/ I'm really frustrated!

Yay, the MSF in Porcelain Pink is the prettiest! But since I'm going to get the Mineralize Blush in Hand-finish and Improvise, I think I'm going to pass this. :)

Looking forward to seeing a fotd with Porcelain Pink!

Liz said...

New layout is great! I like it simple. :)
The Shu Uemura Glow On Peach blush looks nice, reminds me of Shiseido and MJ. How do you like it?

*~Tiko said...

I didn't go to The Bay for the mascara promotion since I have too many mascara at home too. heard lots of good reviews for the Shiseido mascara base on many HK beauty forums, can't wait to hear your opinion about it~

fuzkittie said...

Nice hauls! Love Shu's glow on! :D

alienman said...

your new layout looks really good!

omg... those lashes... *droool

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

I went to the shu event too and wasn't overly impressed with the event itself. Though I did love the gifts you got after buying.

I might have to go check out that blush now though!

. : * justine * : . said...

I missed the mascara event as I was on nights all weekend but I still have at least 4 unopened tubes to use/try (Dior ICONIC, ICONIC Extreme, Fairy Drops, Majo Majo...) so maybe it's for the best. XD;

Where did you get the Dariya sheets in black? Mine are pink, which i love, but the black ones would be handy for taking pictures of my makeup... my bangs sometimes cover my eyes!

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