Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sales, Annabelle contest, and MAC Photorealism

Sephora sales:

- Sephora has the CK Beauty line at on clearance.
- They also have some of the Too Faced Smurfette collection for 50% (Swatches and review)
- and the Stila Precious Pearl palette half priced as well. (Swatches and review)

Annabelle Makeup Junkie Contest:

Also just wanted to let Canadians know about the latest Annabelle contest - the Ultimate Makeup Junkie contest. Basically its open to all residents of Canada, where you submit a picture of your best makeup look and a confession about your makeup addiction. There will be five winners every week and each one will receive a professional makeup case stuffed with $1000 worth of Annabelle Cosmetics goodies! The contest is based partly on votes and also by Annabelle (I think its 50-50%, can't check though as the website is down at the moment). Feel free to enter or to cast your vote! I might enter if I have the time to do a look for it :)

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics collection - Photorealism:

So last weekend I stopped by MAC to pick up the Photorealism quad, mostly due to hype I admit. The colours were definitely the most pigmented and smooth out of the 3 quads released in the collection.

I think its the first time I've seen quads like that from MAC where the colours are from the same colour family. Reminds me of the direction Dior went with their Designer Artistry quints and the green Jewelling Eyes palette from Majolica Majorca.



I wasn't too happy with how the colours looked on my skin to be honest, they are quite light, and almost unremarkable in my opinion.



See, the colours don't show up that well...even with eyeshadow primer.

Still, I've seen some pretty looks from Stephie and Phyllis of Makeup for Life so I guess I will give it another try. I'll use more of the darker colours this time, with the grey-green all over the lid instead and more of the dark green colour. That way the colours should hopefully stand out more against my complexion.


Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

I think the colours look great you on you.

I love this quad too.

Daituf said...

That contest sounds awesome!!!
Thanks for letting us know! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I have been staring at that Stila pearl palette for a long time. I am fighting the urge to pull the trigger....ay... :( Plus, I can't believe the smurf stuff is on sale too.

Even though you didn't like the way your EOTD came out, I still find it to be a pretty and natural look. :)

. : * justine * : . said...

I think I've now swatched the Photorealism quad like 4 times and I keep passing... they just don't seem to show up at all on me :S

Yumeko said...

its looks pretty in the photo but i agree it doesnt seem to show up well

i hope u find a good way of using it soon!

Laura L said...

is a lovely palette... green peace!

izumi said...

i swatched it and it looks gorg but it's too shimmery for me :] i wish there was some sort of matte shade.. and how it shows up on people just varies. it just SHONE on my dark skin LOL!

Unknown said...

That quad is gorgeous. Those green shades really make your eyes pop!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Eeeek! I've been eyeing the CK foundation for the longest time and its on saaaleee!!! Thanks for sharing :D

Fabulously Thrifty said...

Are you entering that contest? I am hearing a lot of hype over Annabelle lately..may have to give it a try.

XRocksmama said...

Pretty look! I'm tempting to get this quad... thanks for the sharing for the sephoa sale :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the MAC Photorealism quad looks so pretty! Love the colors. I think it looks good on you, even if you feel the colors are too light! ;)

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