Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cool heat

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my haircut! Actually I didn't change my haircolour at all so its probably just the lighting that might make it seem brownish.

Maya Hair Salon is located in Koreatown, halfway between the Bathurst and Christie subway stations. Here's their contact info:

635 Bloor St W, Toronto

They do get very crowded on weekends, so be sure to make an appointment! Also they only open Sat not Sun. Even with an appointment once it hits afternoon they tend to fall behind in their schedule, so try to make your appointment in the morning. The name of the stylist I had was Toshi.

There's also an Amore store selling Laneige products that you'll pass if you walk from Christie station to the salon (or the other way around).


Anyway enough of hair, back to makeup :P Here's a look I did a long, long time ago, during the summer months.


Eyeshadow was from the Best of Becca Palette, and bottom blue was from Guerlain Terracotta Kohl in Lagoon Bleu (LE colour).


Mascara used was Guerlain le 2 in Bleu Cerise (an LE colour). I know I've said it before but Guerlain mascara is quite possibly the best I've used in a while. It volumizes AND lengthens, and I like how you get two brushes, a regular size for lashes and a mini brush for lower lashes or just for extra definition. If you were to get the Guerlain le2 mascara though don't get a waterproof version unless you are prepared to spend some time removing it with even the best makeup removers. Lancome Bi-Facil is supposed to be the best waterproof makeup remover there is, but on this mascara it still takes a while to get everything off! Usually I'll think its all off but then wake up the next morning with blue under my

Anyway don't forgot that my giveaway for Canadians ends tomorrow night! Sorry to Quebecers and international readers who were unable to enter....but my 2nd blog anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks and there will be some prizes from me personally up for grabs :)


~Lisa said...

Should check out the salon soon! I'm so happy that it's so close to my school! ^^

& great look! I love that pop of blue on your lower lashline!

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Daituf said...

Vitacreme goes on pretty's like regular cream texture i guess? I'm not so good at describing things :P
I use it over my moisturizer, but only at night, because I find if I use it in the morning, it doesn't mix well with makeup...
It's meant for the face, but i think it can be used else where too... you can check out fuzkittie, I think she did a review on it...
Haha, a lot of hatin' for Clinique from me...but if you do try it, let me know how it goes for you... I know some people really love their stuff...
Btw, what kind of camera do u use? the color always show up so well in ur photos!

izumi said...

OOOO love this look! neutral with a pop of color and.. it's just awesome. and that mascara looks wonderful too :)

Unknown said...

I adore the way you do your eyes! Somehow you manage to do striking yet subtle EOTDs...Please do more!!!

Jamilla Camel said...

Beautiful eyes!

Jamilla Camel said...

Beautiful eyes!

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great expereince with the hair stylist~

I actually accompanied a friend of mine to hair1010 at christie a few weeks back...and...

I have to do my review on that place. Normally I steer clear of Korean older women...but this...was a freaking

well in my books disaster, but hair is important to me, or rather I'm sensitive to hair. haha...

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