Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer vs Urban Decay Primer Potion


- Smashbox is darker, more orange colour
- UDPP is pale beige colour
- Both blend into my skintone fine though fairer people may be bothered by a slight orange cast from Smashbox



- UDPP has a slightly more silicone feel than Smashbox. Both are equally easy to spread and blend (when fresh).
- UDPP tends to get more tacky and leaves a residue after a year or so. With Smashbox I haven't had it long enough to tell.


They both definitely help to prevent eyeshadows from fading and creasing, as well as making eyeshadows more vibrant that without a base. I've noticed that UDPP tends to make it harder to blend eyeshadows, but I didn't have this problem with Smashbox.



Primed with UDPP:

Primed with Smashbox:

There is slight creasing but not that much for both products. Also, there is a slight differences in the way each eyelid folds, hence the slight difference in result. However I did try them both a few times, and even when I switched the bases on each eye the amount of creasing was the same.


In Canada, UDPP and Smashbox both retail for CA$22 each. However in US Smashbox is about $2 more than UDPP. If you compare the volume of product you get, then UDPP is the better value as it contains more than 3x the product at 10mL (0.34oz) while Smashbox has only 2.5mL (0.08oz).


Choose UDPP if: You have fair skin and don't mind doing a bit more blending work with darker eyeshadows. Or if you just want the best value for your money.

Choose Smashbox if: You have darker skin, or if you specifically want a primer which won't affect the blendability of your eyeshadows.


Miss drifted Snow White said...


even tho you point out the fact that UDPP has a lot more product in it, you failed to mention that because of the way the vial is built, it's difficult to make the most of the product, because most of it you cant get to in the bottle.

but other than that, great review :D thanks!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Have not tried Smashbox's but I do like UDPP. :) Thx for the comparison reviews!

AskMeWhats said...

wow thanks for the review, the smashbox one looks darker're rightm but glad the performance is quite equal :)

izumi said...

ooooo interesting :) thanks for the comparison!

Rae // theNotice said...

Thanks for the comparison, m'dear! I've been wondering about these, but didn't want to have to buy Smashbox's just to indulge my curiosity :P Which is a good thing, I suppose, because the darkness of it really would have ticked me off!

Bijin Blair said...

The UDPP side is more vibrant~ Or is it just me? haha

CHARRY said...

nice review

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the review!! I shall be sticking with UDPP, then!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. I am a new udpp fan and I love it. Haven't noticed any problems with blending yet. Wouldn't it marvellous if we could take the good points from both primers and make an uber super knock-the-spots-off the rest primer?!!

Yumeko said...

this is great
i havent been thinking about trying the smashbox one but udpp works so i should stick to it

Unknown said...

Thank you for the review! I was so curious whether UDPP is the ultimate weapon against creasing. Seems it isn't, even tho many claims it is. Also good to know that blending is harder wit it! Thanks!

~Lisa said...

Thanks for this review between the two primers! I think I'll get UDPP to get my money's worth even if you do have to cut it open.....-.- When oh when will they change the dang packaging?!

MiuMiu said...

hmm...i guess that explains why udpp is so difficult to get my dark shadows to work nicely, time for a change!

Gabriela said...

Great review! You`ve analyzed every little thing that is important for a primer.
I`ve got UDPP and I love it.

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