Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some new things!

Haven't done a haul post in a while, so here goes:

From MAC Dsquared:


I won't be talking about the Sculpt and Shape duo since I've already reviewed it when it first came out. But here is a look at the Blood Red lipstick:


Skin swatch:


Lip swatch:


As most people have noticed this lipstick isn't really blood red, its more of a dark berry colour. Texture is nice (I believe its a lustre), and the coverage is quite good, opaque but not thick.

Also picked up the Sana Uruoitaishi products - the gel and the mist because of the reviews from Musings of a Muse.


I paid about USD$11 for each, which makes them quite affordable compared to say MAC Fix+ or the department store gel moisturizers.

The gel comes in an adorable Matryoshka doll container. The character is supposed to be "Miss Hyaluronic, the Moisture Ambassador!" Lol she's also supposed to plump up your skin with moisture - hence her round shape :D


The container doesn't hold that much product, only 25g, but for the price its still affordable compared to similar gel moisturizers from department store brands.


From the look of the gel, I thought it would be similar to the products I've tried: Lancome Aqua-Fusion, Clinique Moisture Surge, and Nars Aqua Hydrator Gel. However its actually quite different from all the above. Here's a quick summary of those 3 if you've missed or forgotten my reviews on those.

Lancome Aqua Fusion: Great gel moisturizer but does contain fragrance
Clinique Moisture Surge: Fragrance free lightweight gel but too light to moisturize enough in winter.
Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator: Super lightweight and hydrating, but extremely expensive.

For starters, the Sana gel is fragrance free, which is great for those sensitive to the fragrance in Lancome Aqua Fusion. The texture is thicker than all the above products I've tried, yet sinks in easily. It moisturizes way better than Clinique ever did, probably due to the 3 hyaluronic acids it contains.

In fact this gel is pretty close to perfect. My only reservation is whether this contains silicones, because most gel moisturizers do. I can't read the ingredient list, so its a matter of just trying it out anyway to see if anything happens. I've only used it for a week so I can't tell if there's any issues with my skin that could be caused by silicones. So far so good though.

I quite like the mist too. Its a hydrating mist that can be used for an extra boost of moisture. I've been using it over makeup, just like how you'd use MAC Fix+, and I quite like the result. It makes your skin glowy (and less cakey if you're using powder foundation). Just be careful not to spary too much or it will feel a bit sticky on your skin.

Anyway I love the Sana illustrations for the products:

Gotta love the OMG! in each picture! So unnecessarily dramatic :D

Update: I bought the product off He usually ships the same day with tracking for $2, and his prices are quite fair.


Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

Where did you order that gel product from? I want the NARS gel product but can't bring myself to pay that much for it. This looks great!

I love Blood Red lipstick. It's an amazing colour.

watercoloursky said...

Just updated the post with the site I buy most of my Japanese stuff from :)

FYI Nars skincare is sometimes cheaper on than at counters, even through the Canadian checkout. The Aqua Gel Hydrator was about $30 more at The Bay so I ordered mine from Sephora.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee...the Sana Uruoitaishi stuff looks so cute :D

~Lisa said...

The other D-Squared lipstick is gorgeous! The one that is rosey/pinky nude =]

And you got the Miss Hyaluronic products too! I remember another blogger who reviewed it. And the packaging is so cute and funny! ^-^

Follow me please?

Bijin Blair said...

I need to try some of Sana's stuff! They look amazing!

izumi said...

LMAO!! i love the "OMG!" in the illustrations xD def makes me want to try it. hehehe.

i agree, much more of a berry. but, still a nice shade :)

Lulu said...

that gel container look SO adorable! ~~

AskMeWhats said...

I am seriously interested with MAC DSQUARED, I'd love to repurchase the Sculpt and shape :D

Daituf said...

Ahhhh! You got the Sana Uruoitaishi!!!! Yay for the review! Now I now for sure that I will get it!
I;m so smittened with the packaging and the illustrations crack me up :D But I thought it might be wrong to get it just coz it's funny...
Now...I can get it for the right reasons :P

Crystal said...

that blood red lipstick looks nice!

Unknown said...

i really want to try this!! That girl in the comic strip sounds like me!!!! :(

Sofie said...

Thanks for the helpful reviews! ^^ The mist seems handy to keep with you :D

Jamilla Camel said...

The MAC lippie is beautiful!

Unknown said...

hah I see this matryoska everywhere! ^.^
and I love the lippi! even tho it's berry, it's pretty! Wish it was really blood stained^^

Babybubblz said...

Thanks for the review, the Sana moisturizer is soo cute!

Gabriela said...

The Matryoshka doll container is so cute!

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