Sunday, November 22, 2009

something simple


T'estimo Layered Impact Eyes (discontinued)


Dusty pinks and purples with a subtle elegant sheen


One thing I always marvel at with Japanese cosmetics is how they manage to dress up your eyelids subtly but beautifully. Yesterday at IMATS, MAC Senior Makeup Artist Melissa Gibson said of the MAC MSF: "Its like pantyhose for your face." Thats what I think of when I look at Japanese palettes - their eyeshadows are like pantyhose for the eyes.



Also used Lise Watier pencil liner on the outer 1/2 lashline, a dupe of Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom. Finished off with whatever mascara I had in rotation (This look was from summer!)



jewels said...

ya love these color, great for the office =)

J-ezzy said...

WOW, you're so right. It's like pantyhose for your eyes!! You look fabulous :)

Paris B said...

This is one of my favourite palettes and I did notice that Japanese girls did go for more subtle looks hence the way Japanese palettes look - lovely look btw :)

Catherine said...

Very pretty look! And I love that description - pantyhose for your eyes! I think it's so true!

AskMeWhats said...

this look super wonderful on you! very simple yet the impact is WOW

alien man?! said...

I totally see the "pantyhose" effect and I'm loving it.
i still have yet to try a japanese or korean quad
i remember when korean cosmetics were such poor quality, none of them would sit properly on my face!
looks like i'll have to stock up when i'm in korea next year

Daituf said...

"pantyhose for the eyes", I love that expression! Describes japanese eyeshadows perfectly!
What a gorgeous palette

Babybubblz said...

Haha, that's such a cute statement. I really like your subtle looks. You always have me lemming for purples too =)

Jules said...

interesting swatch !!!

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