Saturday, February 27, 2010

The cutest glosses ever...

....was what I thought the first time I saw the Balmshell glosses last year at Shoppers Drug Mart. Balmshell is a Canadian company, best known for their glosses that have a unique key chain illustration at the end. They are also sold online on Sephora and ship internationally from their own website

Anyway last summer I was looking for some items to complete a swap and came across these glosses. Since they were Canadian I couldn't resist picking them up and also got one for myself, in the shade named Darling You Look Fabulous:


The gloss is super slim, about the width of a slim Sharpie or a thick pen. The gloss end is on one side, and the illustration on the other. There is a key chain ring attachment provided so that when the gloss is finished, you can unscrew the illustration part and attach it to the key ring:


The gloss format is a doe foot style applicator:


Darling You Look Fabulous is one of the brighter colours in the range, and shows up as a semi-sheer hot pink:



The colour shows up relatively true to the tube, which is pretty good considering my lips are quite pigmented naturally. The texture is for the most part non-sticky (just very slightly sticky). These are also mildly scented (nothing crazy strong), for this shade Darling You Look Fabulous the scent is slightly sweet.

Here's the fun part: the illustration! There is a slider inside that moves to tell the story, changing the picture depending on how you hold it.

First you see this girl wrapped in her towel as if after a shower:

She's going behind the changing screen:

Hidden behind the screen:

And now revealed looking super fabulous! Haha :D

Each gloss shade has a different illustration which brings out the collector in me...

By the way, I've had these pictures in my Photobucket account for erm, 6 months now? I decided I should stop procrastinating and post about these since Balmshell is having a 40-65% off sale for some of their existing shades to make way for new ones.

These are the discounted shades:
Beach Patrol $12
Today's The Day $8
That's So 80's $8
Confessions of a Call Girl $8
Wilderness Girl $7

Regular retail is $20, so it looks like a pretty good deal! So what do you think? Cutest glosses ever or is it just me?


Popcorn said...


how cuteeeeee~
now that is really unique. hehehe
even the color is really cute too.

Violet Honeybee said...

Lol that is super cute!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh my gosh, so cute! The color looks great on you *^_^*

~Lisa said...

Which SDM did you get them from? I looked at at all the SDM in Toronto that is nearby me but could never find them =[

AskMeWhats said...

that's indeed the cutest gloss packaging I've seen!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you posted this up today :)
they are quite pigmented...
kinda wish i could have gotten them and not so many polishes! lol
anyway hope you got home safe~

watercoloursky said...

Lisa: I usually see them at the newer SDMs, especially the ones with the Beauty Boutiques. For sure these locations have it: SDM @ Yonge & Dundas (where AMC is), SDM @ Fairview, and SDM @ Eglinton Square.

Rasilla: thanks I did :) I posted it right before I left so thats why :)

Bijin Blair said...

You're right, it's so adorable!!! We always fall for these gimmicky stuff hahaha ;D

Laura L said...

oh, that's really nice color and pigmented gloss :)

Anonymous said...

cute lipgloss colour, looks quite pigmented!!

Anonymous said...

Haha this gloss is really cute!

Gabriela said...

This lipgloss is cute and the packaging is very original.

izumi said...

wow how fun!! hahaha ;) and i love the color on you!

chelle said...

How CUTE!! What a gorgeous pinky gloss. You can never have enough colours like this.

I wish these were readily available in Aus but I guess it's good they're not otherwise I'd be buying all of them!

Connie De Alwis said...

I've seen these glosses online and now you're telling me that they're on sale? How very tempting! Wilderness Girl looks like a good color for me :)

izumi said...

i can't imagine using a stain on my cheeks.. i would totally be a klutz and misapply and end up with funky cheeks xD haha.

Rhania E. said...

oh my... i havent seen any gloss like this.. thank you for sharing..

hope there's a balmshell outlet here.. *sobs*

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