Thursday, February 25, 2010

EOS Adult Grey contact lenses

I've been looking for new contacts since my supply of Freshlook Colorblends and regular contacts were almost depleted. Since the EOS lenses looked great on Jen (Frmheadtotoe), I decided to give them a try.


The colour I got was EOS Grey, but it tends to be more of a blue-gray colour in real life. Here are some comparisons:

Daylight - less blue and more grey in colour, which is what I want.


Daylight - the blue tones of the colour seem slightly more obvious because I was wearing a sheer wash of blue eyeshadow.


With flash the blue tones come out as well:


These are definitely less subtle than the Freshlook Amethyst contacts I was used to wearing:



The EOS lenses have a slightly smaller diameter (14.0mm) than the Freshlooks (14.2mm), meaning they give your eyes slightly more area to breathe. These lenses enlarge the iris slightly, though not as much as other circle lenses like Acuvue Define.

Surprisingly I find the EOS less comfortable to wear for prolonged periods compared with Freshlook, even though the EOS lenses have a smaller diameter. It must be something to do with the lens material. After about 3 hours of wear my eyes feel tired, sometimes sooner than 3 hours if I'm watching a movie. With Freshlooks my eyes would get tired only after 4-5 hours.

A complaint I have with Freshlooks is that the coloured dots tend to be rather close to the pupil of the eye since they are regular sized lenses (not circle lenses with big irises). EOS does not have that problem.

However the EOS power seems to be slightly off (or poorer quality perhaps?). It could just be my imagination but I find that my left lens feels lower in power than the equivalent power of my regular clear contacts. Basically if I wear a 3.25 clear lens, things look clearer with my left eye than if I wear a 3.25 EOS lens.

I only have this problem with one side, so maybe it is a manufacturing quality issue. The problem may also be related to the curvature of the lens. I have slight astigmatism so perhaps the curvature of Freshlooks suits my left eye better than the EOS lens.

I purchased these off but shortly after that she stopped selling circle lenses unfortunately. Pity because I still want to try the brown...perhaps when I go to Asia this year.


Unknown said...

I adore grey eyes. My mum used to have blue grey eyes......shame i got my dads instead!! LOL

Anonymous said...

they look great on you.. i always resist circle lens cos i end up chucking them :/

izumi said...

oo grey eyes, def want to try them out. how pretty though, too bad prettyandcute stopped selling!

LaLaaLove said...

Beautiful :) Pacific Mall sells circle lenses now. I'm not sure if they're available for vision correction though.

shaynaJo said...

i like the grey lens too.. looks very natural on natural lightings.
I once tried Nudy Grey (not sure if u know) and it's a lil weird coz sometimes it looks like bluish and sometimes greenish too. I felt funny when ppl start asking me what color am i wearing :D

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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