Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dove Men+Care

Thanks for all the comments on the previous posts! :) To clarify, I am actually still on vacation but I had those two posts scheduled since I didn't have internet over the last 2 days. Thus if you noticed I also didn't have comments moderated until today but enjoyed reading them :D

I was recently approached to review some of Dove's new products for men from their Men+Care line. It used to be that there were no special skincare products for men, who had to make do with plain soap or ladies products :P These days though it seems that companies are awakening to the fact that men are becoming as concerned about body care as women.

One of the first products I tried from Dove for Men was the body and face wash.


The body wash has a faint, pleasant aroma associated with men products - a slightly musky, aftershave-ish smell.



I'm not too picky about body wash products and I suspect most guys are the same? There wasn't anything to complain about this product - it foams up easily but not too much, and doesn't dry out my skin. Overall its a good enough product if all you want is a basic body wash for the guy in your life.

I also tried the men's body bars in Extra Fresh and Deep Clean. They are shaped slightly differently but with the signature Dove logo embossed on one side and the Men+Care logo on the other.


Extra Fresh is touted as having an invigorating formula. It has a nice scent, again typical of men's aftershave/deodorant.


Deep Clean contains little exfoliating grains to clean more effectively. To be honest though I did not think there were enough grains for a noticeably cleaner effect.


As before both performed well. They are both similar to Dove Bars in that they don't dry out your skin. All the above 3 products can supposedly be used on the face as well, but I did not use these on the face though simply because my face is being sensitive right now so I'm trying to minimize the number of new products used on it.

The other addition to the Men+Care line is the special loofah/meshsponge hybrid which I'll be reviewing separately.

Do you know anyone that has tried this line? What do they think?


AskMeWhats said...

I have never seen this down here! and this will be interesting, I'm sure my hubby would like to give this a try!!!

Unknown said...


I have never tried the mens range, wonder what the smell smell of?

Babybubblz said...

I agree about the grains. But a guy friend who tried it really liked it. I'm pretty sure it was his fist exfoliating product thou :P

izumi said...

i've never seen these items on the shelf before! interesting though..

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