Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!

I've been on a no-buy for jewelry for a while now, but decided it was time to break it when I spotted the White Rabbit necklace from Mayaari at Cady Nation!

Several emails later the item was on its way to me and popped into my mailbox before I left :D As you can see Mayaari really made me feel appreciated as a customer :D

A lovely package of sheet masks & candy with my order, what more could a girl ask for?


Here is the necklace I got stretched full length (it was a 16" chain, just right for me).



I had her customize it a bit so it matches what I normally wear the most often :) I thought that a iridescent crystal would suit me most since I wear neutral / black most of the time.


You can see the rest of Mayaari's Wonderland collection here. I'm actually lemming that Un-birthday bracelet but I already have wayyy to many bracelets. She was awesome to deal with, extremely patient and responsive with my questions. Definitely check out her works of art!


AskMeWhats said...

the necklace looks gorgeous!!!

Lulu said...

aww what an adorable necklace. Diana is the sweetest<3

Nunu said...

Those HD blushes are definitely worth picking up! They ran out of the popular colours really quickly at the show.
About the Yaby reps, I got the feeling that they were merely hired to man the booth and weren't really clued up on the products. There were so many things they could say to sell the product, like maybe it lasts longer, less fall out, blends better etc yet they didn't.
I've also got the 88 palette, it's good if u want a large variety of colours at a low price but for some reason I don't really use them much xD

Anonymous said...

ahh very cute!

Yumeko said...

tats gorgeous
i think u chose a great color for the crystal

mayaari said...

thanks again for your purchase :) i'm sure it will look lovely on you!

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