Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation purchases, Part 2

I picked up two Japanese mooks (magazine books) from Kinokuniya as well. Blame it on Rouge Deluxe, who always posts her latest haul of mooks.

The Liberty for London mook:


Comes with a bag in one of their prints, "Emilia's Flowers". The material is cotton with a lining on the inside.




Something from the mook that caught my eye:


The second mook I purchased was the Agnes B one, apparently their first mook to be published.


I really like the gift with this one - the bag is large, and the material feels thick and sturdy! Not to mention the cute heart charm:




More charms, from the magazine pages:


I think these two were worth the price of the mook, especially the Agnes B one! Am hoping to pick up more before I leave :)

Thanks to those who have entered my Tarte mascara giveaway! It ends at midnight EST so hurry if you haven't entered yet :) It is open to US residents.


Unknown said...

Hello Dear!!

Nice buys. I have to say though, that I find it annoying that Liberty don't do a mook thingy for us Londonders!! grrrrrrrrrr

Silkybow said...

I really like the first and second bag! :)

Camille Santos said...

agnes also have a cosmetic line doesnt she??i think i saw one on some site

Connie De Alwis said...

Why haven't I been checking out the mags in Kino? those bags are adorable! and I certainly wouldn't mind getting them with the magazine. I'm already buying Chinese magazines that I can't understand

fuzkittie said...

Both are super cuuuute!

Unknown said...

i love the floral pattern! i'm from toronto area too ;)

Catherine said...

I love mooks! :D

izumi said...

very cute!! man i need to get me some mooks, they seem to have super cute accessories that tag along :D

mayaari said...

nice purchases! love the accessories that were included

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