Tuesday, April 13, 2010

L'oreal Lash Boost Serum


The applicator is basically a curved stick, without any bristles (unlike the Ardell version)


According to the info I received with the product, it should be worn twice a day, with results expected after 40 days. It can be worn under mascara as well, in fact L'oreal has a specific lash boosting mascara to go with this serum.

- Applicator was easy to use
- Product seems to last longer (Ardell's would start going bad after a month)
- Results after 40 days (though the changes are subtle)

- Contains alcohol - stings if you get any into your eye but it is unlikely
- Applicator sometimes leaves clumps that need to be wiped off
- If clumps are not wiped off will dry off to a white colour - making it look like your lashes have white dust on them.
- Product cannot stand on its end unlike mascaras (base is not flat)

Here's the proof - but be warned, there are some scary naked eye pictures ahead! :P



Lashes look slightly longer and thicker:

Side view shows the very slight increase in length:

Overall the results are quite subtle, but noticeable if you do a before and after picture comparison. The improvement wasn't that dramatic, so I think that's why the product isn't openly advertised as being able to lengthen lashes, but just as a 'boost'.


What do you think of the results? Would you try this?


Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow, you make me want to go but this thing! It worked great for you!

izumi said...

wow, that's pretty good for a drugstore item! :)

mayaari said...

thanks for the review - i've been looking at this more and more at the drugstore and I've been quite tempted to try it out! I think I'll be picking this up soon :)

Babybubblz said...

I'm cautious of trying products like this after seeing some people who were allergic to ingredients. But I can tell your lashes are definitely thicker. Are you going to continue using it? Wonder what happens after continuous use

Catherine said...

Hmmm, interesting! Thanks for the before and after.

I think just slathering your lashes in a little oil or eye cream would have the same effect. I know mine have gotten much lusher after I started using jojoba oil as a face moisturizer. Other ladies on MUA have had really good experiences with castor oil too.

AskMeWhats said...

I've used this for months now and you're right, the results isn't super obvious but definitely does something for your lashes, I've seen some "space" that's been filled with lashes now! not too long, just short ones, but still, its positive!

Connie De Alwis said...

your lashes do look thicker!
This one didn't work for me. My lashes fell out so I started using a different lash serum

jewels said...

I been curious about this and maybe I will try it since it lookslike u got some results.

Anonymous said...

i can def see results! im still skeptical with lash products.. i take it with a pinch of salt.. but i can def see some results with the loreal product :)

Ahleessa said...

I'm in my third week of trying this product. I hope it comes out nice as yours. :)

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