Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vacation purchases, Part 1


Picked up a Silk Whitia mask to try, some compressed mask sheets for face and eyes, empty travel pump bottle and Canmake cream blush.


The Canmake cream blush reminds me of the MAC Joie de Vivre blush - I really should compare both when I go home.


The Face Shop

Eco Vert toner


The toner smells heavenly, and I like how most the ingredients are natural. It is also alcohol free!

Various masks


Reviews will be coming up... :)


Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Embrace all the mask goodies huh, it's so fun

Bijin Blair said...

These goodies are fabulous! I'd love to see the Canmake cream blush on you :)

Lulu said...

oo great haul, I love those compressed mask tablets, so convenient! :D

Farah said...

great haul girl. I have a mask from sasa i need to use... i love that store

Catherine said...

Ooh lovely!

I am positively in love with the Silk Whitia masks I've tried. I really need to make another order soon!

PB said...

eeeks! How come I never saw that blush? Will go check out Watsons :D

Janice said...

i need to go to hk and go to sasa..heard it had loads of amazing stuff.

Babybubblz said...

i've always wanted to those compressed sheet masks!

Georgina said...

the canmake cream cheek looks so cute and princessy! is the quality as good as the packaging? ^_^

Joey Anna said...

You got the Eco-Vert Toner! I am using that on weekends (because I opened too many toners). And yes, love the smell. Omg. I am very into lovely scented products.

Hmmm, they say the Eco-Vert serum is good. But I still have no chance to try it. =(

I haven't opened my cream cheeks. They say once opened, it should be finished of asap. Sigh.

Jamilla Camel said...

Great stuff!

I got the Canmake blush as a BD present and I really do like it.

izumi said...

how fun!! can't wait for your reviews :D

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