Monday, May 10, 2010

500 Followers Giveaway #1

Since its a Monday, I thought it would be nice to brighten it up a little with a giveaway! As promised, I have a few of these coming up to celebrate reaching 500 followers. This is the first one:


  • L'oreal Lash Boost Serum
  • Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in Baked
  • Annabelle Eyeshadow Trio in Holy Smoke (no longer in stores!)
  • Gosh Tropical Eye Pencil in 103 Aqua Life, a turquoise colour
  • Burts Bees Honey Lipbalm

How to enter:

1. You must be an existing follower prior to this post. The giveaway is after all in appreciation of those who have followed for some time.
Please note that for me to verify if you are a "follower", you must be following my blog publicly on your Blogger Profile (which must not be privatized). Exceptions will be made however, if you have a reason (such as being on Wordpress instead) and have commented on my posts before excluding giveaways.

2. Leave a comment on this post with the following:

i. What you like about this blog
ii. What you don't like and would want improved (constructive comments appreciated). If you prefer, feel free to email me separately about it and just say in your comment to refer to email :)
iii. Suggestions for topics or future posts that I haven't yet covered. You can combine ii and iii if they overlap.

Contest is open internationally. Closing date is Monday, May 17th, at midnight Eastern Standard Time. I will announce the winner(s) the same week and give them 7 days to email me with their shipping address.

Winner will be drawn randomly, however the most helpful/insightful comments or suggestions may receive a bonus prize ;)

Thanks again for the support and I look forward to reading your suggestions!


helen said...

I love your product swatches, your pictures are good quality.

I find that the left side bar is a little hard to navigate and feels crowded... maybe it's just me since I usually like 3 columns better than 2.

I would love to see more reviews of Canadian brand cosmetics (i.e Marcelle & Quo)

Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats on 500 followers!

MissS.elle said...

Hi! :D

I've been a follower of your blog for some time now and I love the various post about drugstore to high brand products! I can't say that I don't like anything about your blog because I think that each blogger is different and it's YOUR blog. For suggestions, I think that maybe showing some outfits of the day? :D

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and hope that you'll have plenty more of followers! :D

Fay. H. said...

I'm an existing follower ^_^ Have been since I found you from nouveaucheap! I love the way you write your reviews. I like how you have very clean (not blurry, dark, etc) pictures of the product and swatches. And I like the new layout of the new blog too! Simple and clean, white background and black font, it makes me enjoy reading your entries without getting a headache. The only makeup I'm lemming for right now is the L'oreal Lash boost serum so it will be great if you're doing a review on that soon!

Camille Santos said...

i like the swatches,the classy makeup packagings,and looks,and the reviews.

what i dont like....hmm maybe more photos on each post hehe.i enjoy looking at face pics,swatches on different lightings.

maybe do a monthly favorites ^_^ mwuah congrats for having a 500th and more followers

Babybubblz said...


i) Can you believe that you were the first Canadian blogger I found when I first got into makeup?? So I definitely love that you are based in GTA and cover products from here.

ii) Keep doing what you are doing =) I like pictures so maybe bigger/more high res pictures? I know it's hard though cuz it takes up space/longer loading times.

iii) Hm...have you ever attended the warehouse sales here?

Anonymous said...

1. I love your FOTD's, swatches, and reviews. You have such a pretty face! :)

2. Well, the blog is fine as it is. Maybe add some color to the layout so it won't be so plain white&black. Just a suggestion, but I really like it how it is now. Simple is good.

3. Do videos! :D Not sure about topics since most of the products you review I don't have access to which is good!

Thanks for hosting this giveaway contest! :)

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks said...

I'm an existing follower :)

I love your product reviews and how clear and true-to-color your swatches are. :)

Suggestion: I want a more colorful layout to suit your title (watercolors).


Lily said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

i. I love the product reviews, and that you review Canadian brands that are accessible to me. It's really nice going into say a Shoppers Drug Mart and finding Marcelle products.
ii. I like everything! There's nothing I don't like.
iii. More reviews please. And makeup application tutorials!

kawaiikao said...

Congrats to your followers!! You were one of the first bloggers I followed here on blogspot <3
-What I like about your blog is the reviews that you give. Your picture quality is close to the product in actualization, giving accurate reviews. I would LOVE to see more FOTD or inspired looks from your makeup hauls ^__^ Put that makeup to use for us! I love that your blog is easy to follow and it loads up faster than others...some blogs are just swamped with music players, banners galore, and pictures in the side bars and argghhh!! Those blogs load too slow even with fast internet. Your blog is concise and straight to the point :] Again, congrats on your many followers and good luck to your contest!

evie said...

i love your reviews and maybe more tutorials?..XD

thanks for having this giveaway!

ChyiX2 said...

I'm a fan of your reviews mostly because the color that shows up tends to be very accurate so I know what I'm getting.

Navigating your blog isn't always easy, then again I get lost all the time so that might say more about me than you? But the left column seems a bit cluttered...

I always enjoy your FOTD/EOTD's because we have similar tastes when it comes to applying make-up XD eh, that is all for now!

Anonymous said...

ohh congrats Blu3! you've come a long way!

I'd love to try out Annebelle goods that you've been raving about ;)

I like your swatches, reviews and your polished, soft looks.

I'd love to see more dramatic and inspired looks from you and i think some OOTD posts would be interesting too. Ohh and more FOTD please!

I know you're a busy lady, I wouldn't mind seeing more frequent posts :P

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Love the wide range of brands that you review. Swatches are certainly great.

And yeah, I'm still waiting for the vacation hauls :-)

izumi said...

helloooo :D

i love your reviews and your swatches/fotds/eotds are always clear and clean. i don't have a problem with anything on your blog~ but i would love to see more canadian brand items.. not that i could get them, but i still love seeing what else is out there :)

Eva said...

Hello ! Thanks so much for this and congrats ! :)

I love this blog because you review a variety of things and you update frequently and must I add? The giveaways just keep me coming. (just like this one!)

It'll be awesome if you did nail polish swatches and recommend some polish colors you think are suitable for summer, winter, any other event, etc etc.
Oh, and recommendations for some drugstore make up products, brands, would also be very helpful!

Shaimaa said...

I am a follower shaimaa

i. What you like about this blog
I love it that's why i follow you , love beauty and products that you review

ii. What you don't like and would want improved
There is nothing

iii. Suggestions for topics or future posts that I haven't yet covered.
i love artistic makeup its would be grate if you just do a tutorial or post about the latest looks .

moonRabbit said...

1. I like your product review & swatches the most. Many blogs out there are US based so it's nice to see products more accessible for Canadians.

2. It would be nice if you can post more frequent. I always look forward to see new posts from you.

3. Some of your FOTD is really pretty. It would be cool if you consider making tutorial videos for some of them.

KimWen said...

1. i love how you review drugstore and higher end make up and skin care products. Is great that you are a Canadian blogger and located in the same city i'm in. Which helps me able to find some of the products you review.
2&3 i would like to see more nail polish swatches, outfits cuz the ones you have awhile back are great you should keep that up. i know you are probably a busy person so i won't say post more often because i do the same i neglect my blog when i'm busy. I do look forward to your new posts and congrats on 500!!!

Cinnabunnie said...

your blog was actually the first blog i ever read and it introduced me to the beauty blogging world :)congrats on the 500 followers! i've been reading ur blog for a long time but i recently signed up for an account since Open id never seem to work

1) I like the fact that ur posts are simple, clean, and to the point. ur new layout is pretty and chic. I like how u have a variety of posts i.e. high-end brands, asian brands, hauls, reviews...and so on. u have great swatches and good clarity in ur photos which i really appreciate. ur swatches are accurate too.

2)It'd be better if the links in the left side of the blog were divided among two sides. It's easier to navigate and makes it more pleasing to the eye since it balances. It would be nice if u introduced more brands that aren't known as well and PLEASE PLEASE do more outfits/fashion related posts! =] i really liked the black dress with the eyelet trim (i think?! aha) u had!

3)I kind of covered some already above but it would be awesome if you posted some DIY things and have posts that are about beauty tips that u've tried and liked.

once again, CONGRATS and i hope u keep posting ;) ^.^

Belinda M said...

I was a follower of yours prior to this post.

1. I love the reviews you do on new products. And I love it even more that I can go to sears or shoppers to buy them.

2 and 3 I would love to see more non makeup reviews. For example more makeup accessories, hair dryers, irons and possibly hair products too. I think your blog could use a bit more splash of color.


Lavender said...


Would like to participate.
Have been a long time follower even b4 I started my own blog in Sept 2009.

my follower ID: Pauline Tan

I like all your post especially eye makeup post. Most looks are very natural and wearable. Would like to see some night look which is more dramatic.

I also love your product review post especially when u provide swatches.

Honestly, I can't think of anything that I do not like in your blog at the moment.

my email

Violet Honeybee said...

I love your swatch pictures! Especially the ones you do on yourself to show how it actually looks on the face instead of just swatching on your hand. =)

More FOTDs!! =D (I guess this makes the last two the same lol) and your daily skincare regime =P

Gabriela said...

Hi! I`m an old follower :)

1 I like the reviews. You give such a good information about the products! The swatches are always great too. I can see the product in your skin and also in the area that is going to be applied, e.g. when you are writing about an eyeshadow you take a picture of it in your arm and also in your eye. That`s perfect! I can decide which product buy or not reading you.

2 I think there should be more entries in the homepage. I would prefer to have at least five entries to avoid having to click on Older entries so often.

3 I`d like to see dupe products. It would be interesting because there are cheap brands that have great products very similar to other more expensive.

Thanks for the chance!

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