Monday, May 24, 2010

Canmake Cream Cheek Blusher

On my vacation I picked up the cream blush in a limited edition colour, 07 Coral Peach.


I chose it mainly because it was one of the few in the range that did not contain shimmer.


The colour has a medium to sheer pigmentation. I prefer that with cream blushes, since it gives you room for error just in case you are accidentally heavy handed with blush once day.


The blush is quite small, slightly larger than a MAC eyeshadow. However considering the tiny amount needed to get a natural flush of colour, I can see this lasting several months even with regular use. It may finish up faster though if you have a darker complexion and need to pack on more for the colour to show up.


Here it is compared with MAC's Joie de Vivre cremeblend blush from January of this year. I thought they looked quite similar but there are slight differences once compared side-by-side.



As you can see the MAC blush is slightly redder in tone, while Canmake is a bit pinker. Both are shimmer free blushes, but MAC dries down to a matte finish, while Canmake still has a glow to it. The Canmake blush also spreads and blends a little easier than the MAC blush.

Given a choice, I would definitely spring at the chance to buy more of the Canmake blushes over the MAC ones. The colours are beautiful, and the packaging and size of the product is cute and handy. The only problem is Canmake's limited availability in this part of the world. If you are not in Asia your best bet is to purchase online but do compare prices before you shop!


izumi said...

yea i was about to say, i love how the packaging for canmake looks "cut" versus the round MAC ones.. the color is so pretty! :) thanks for the swatches~

Lulu said...

ooo these blushes are beautiful! I've never tried cream blushes before. i am loving the coral peach color you picked up!! :)

Georgina said...

the color is so cute! :)

Bijin Blair said...

I need to get me some cream blushes! Both Coral Peach and Joie de Vivre look wonderful!

mayaari said...

i was about to say i've never seen the coral peach one, but then you said it's an LE item - no wonder! It's a very pretty color! i think i like the smaller size of the canmake blush - since it's a cream it has less of a shelf life, and the size means you can probably use it up faster :)

Anonymous said...

it looks very pigmented!! the colour is def comparable to the MAC one!!

Rae // theNotice said...

Oh, this looks lovely! The peach would probably look awful with my skintone, but I can only imagine how gorgeous it would be with yours.

I love the packaging, too -- adorable ^^

Gabriela said...

That blush is gorgeous!!!
However that brand isn`t selled in my country.

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