Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick reviews of Mary Kay skincare

I received a travel sized set from Mary Kay some time ago, which came in handy during my recent trip to Asia.

The set contained an eye soothing gel, eye makeup remover, moisturizing cream, and hydrating gel moisturizer.

Since I had finished my eye cream at the time, the first thing I tried is the Indulge Eye Soothing Gel:


I found the gel to be cooling and quite refreshing. It was actually perfect for the warmer weather where I was, as it soothed my eye area without feeling heavy at all. It also absorbed quickly without stinging my eyes at all. I've tried another eye gel before from St Ives, and that one stung like crazy if it got into my eye. The MK Indulge gel was perfect!

The next thing I tried was the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover:

The makeup remover is dual phase, so before using it should be shaken to mix the layers.

Once shaken the makeup remover turns a bit cloudy as the layers are mixed.

I used it during my vacation to remove eyeshadow and mascara, and it does a good job of taking them off without leaving much oily residue. Most dual phase removers, such as the Lancome Bi-Facil, leave an annoying greasy feeling on my lids and sometimes get into my eyes / on my contacts as well. However this remover did not leave that nasty oily feel, it simply removed what it was supposed without any residue.

I did not try the moisturizing cream, since it was quite emollient and seemed to be better suited for dry skin (I have combination skin) but I tested the Oil-free Hydrating Gel on my trip as well. It is a translucent gel that hydrates the skin similar to NARS Aqua Hydrator.


The texture is slightly thicker than the NARS product. It has a nice cooling feel when applied, which I really like. Since I only tried a sample size, I don't have the ingredients list but according to the website, it contains Vitamin E and green tea extract and marine extract to soothe the skin. I used it on the plane too and I think it did a good job to protect my skin against dry cabin air.

Since I only tried sample sizes of the gels, I can't attest to their long term effects but as basic moisturizers they did the job well and kept my skin happy!


Unknown said...

that makeup remover sounds nice. does it remove waterproof makeup very quickly too?
thanks for the reviews !

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Mary Kay skincare hardly gets any coverage on blogs. My Mary Kay lady is having a "yard sale" and I might pick up a few items. Don't know what though, lol

fuzkittie said...

A cooling hydrating gel? Sounds soo good! Haha. I've tried their hand products before and they're great.

Rae // theNotice said...

Aww, what a cute little set! Have you ever tried Clinique's Take the Day Off? It's another dual-phase that doesn't leave greasy residue, at least for me :)

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