Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have a winner!

There were a ton of entries for the Misikko giveaway, so I didn't want to just go by the time the comments were entered but really randomize them.

So, I typed up all the times in Excel first in the order that the person commented, then put the list into the List Randomizer to sort them randomly. Basically it was my equivalent of writing names on paper, putting them into a container and shaking it.

(I had to crop the rest since there were 75 entries which extended beyond my screen)

Then I went to the Sequence generator and asked it to generate a sequence of numbers between 1-75 (the number of entries received). Here are the results!

So the winner was #25 as assigned by the List Randomizer - which is Izumi!

Congrats to her, and thank you to all for entering :) Also thanks for your patience in waiting for the results...I was super busy this week and dreading the thought of typing up every name...but I finally did it!

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