Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vacation purchases, Part 4

MAC Cleanse Off Oil - Tranquil


I first spotted this at the Vancouver duty free counter and was wondering what the difference was compared with the regular clear bottle. I didn't get it then because of the liquids restriction on planes but picked it up later from a regular MAC store. Apparently this variation is only sold in Asia so I had to try it!

Missha lashes


Daiso - various fake lashes


Biore UV base:


Johnson & Johnson compact powder with UVA/UVB protectors:


Lucido-L styling pots:


Drugstore odds and ends from Watsons:


I like black Biore strips. They are so much more satisfying to look at post-strip, since the nose clogs are way more visible :D

Random eye tape & q-tips:


Hada Labo Whitening range - lotion & serum


I actually wanted to try their famous Super Hyaluronic lotion (I think thats what its called...) but since I need something to treat old scars I decided to go with this instead. Besides the moisturizing one is probably more easily available online than the whitening range.

Purse/clutch from Topshop:



I really like the distressed pattern, and of course the florals for spring.

Handy little purse hook from Muji


Thats most of what I got really that I can remember :D Anyway if you do want a review on something specific feel free to let me know.


Cinnabunnie said...

oooh those look really nice =] please review the mac cleanse oil as well as the biore uv base and j&j powder. I've never seen them before and i want to know how it works for u. And please let us know if the whitening stuff works. i really am loving this haul btw ^.^

Catherine said...

Awesome haul! The purse from TopShop is soooooo cute!

Unknown said...

the clutch is adorable <3.

can you do a review on the biore uv base?

izumi said...

i love the little satchel :D

Unknown said...

this has opened my eyes a bit because I've never seen some of the products you've got in my life!I didn't know johnson's do face powders. P.s i love the eyelashes and the bag that you bought :P

Connie De Alwis said...

oh, I've never seen this version of the cleanse off oil before. looking forward to your review. I do love the original one.

Hada labo's awesome but I've only used the regular range

Arianne said...

Wow great haul! The lashes, especially the one that's short on the inside and long on the outside, make my heart flutter. :)

And the purse! So girly and pretty.

I second what Amy said: can you please review the Biore UV Base?

Anonymous said...

ohh nice haul! the J&J powder looks super interesting!!

I think Asia will always have special Editions that the west dont.. let us know how the cleansing oil goes!!

Babybubblz said...

Hope to hear about Hada Labo when you get a chance! Curious about the cleansing oil, is it any different? Maybe just the scent?

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