Friday, May 7, 2010

The Face Shop sheet masks

Since trying out My Beauty Diary masks, I have become addicted to sheet masks! There were so many The Face Shop locations around me when I went on vacation, AND they had a sale so I indulged, of course :)

Since I only tried each mask once, I won't be talking about any long term benefits they had on my skin but just my initial impressions.

From their Herbal Therapy range:

Tea Tree & Bergamot

- pleasant mild tea tree scent
- well soaked, but not as much liquid as My Beauty Diary masks
- liquid is thin, water-like (MBD liquid is thicker)
- refreshing feeling
- hydrated my skin nicely in the hot weather I was in, but may not be as effective in cold dry weather.
- no adverse reactions


Lavender and Neroli


- soothing pleasant aroma
- a LOT of liquid, some leftover in packaging
- liquid is thin, water-like as well
- refreshing, calming feeling
- hydrated my skin nicely in the hot weather I was in, but may not be as effective in cold dry weather.
- very relaxing, I almost fell asleep!
- no adverse reactions


From their Imperial Herbs range:

Mulberry Mushroom and Silka Deer Antlers


- smells like Chinese herbs but in a good way
- liquid is thicker than the Herbal Therapy range above
- hydrated my skin well enough, but may not be as effective in cold dry weather.
- no adverse reactions
- costs more than the Herbal Therapy range at regular retail. May be more of a novelty


I think my biggest peeve about The Face Shop masks is the design of the mask. Seriously, they must have based the shape on the Cheshire Cat or Julia Roberts, because the mouth opening is huge! No normal person would have a mouth that wide unless they are grinning the whole time like an insane clown.

However, overall the masks are quite nice! They have so many different ranges of masks and each has about 6-8 varieties.

- made from all natural pulp
- wide range of mask types
- lots of liquid
- does not have an extra plastic backing unlike My Beauty Diary masks (=less waste)
- inexpensive, especially when on sale

- shape of mask does not fit well overall (MBD is better)
- mouth cutout is way too wide!
- material does not feel as luxurious since it is from natural pulp

If I could repurchase (please come to Canada!), I would go for the Tea Tree and Lavender varieties again. They were very pleasant to lie down with and relax :) The only reason I didn't let myself fall asleep with them on was so I wouldn't scare anyone in the dead of night!


Babybubblz said...

Surprisingly, Walgreens has a huge stock of the Face Shop products in the US. So I hope they come to a Canadian drugstore too!

Sheet masks in hot weather is a great relaxer. I still find them chilly for now haha

Catherine said...

Ooooh! I've only tried another line from TFS and wasn't so impressed, but I've heard these are supposed to be a lot better. Thanks for your thoughts!

izumi said...

wow, deer antler?? that sounds luxurious in a strange way, hahahaa. love your little quips about these masks :) i wish i had a face shop closer to me as well! closest one is 100 miles away, yikes.

Edna said...

I love the mulberry mushroom & sika deer antler mask. You are right about the smell, its so herb-y

Silkybow said...

Haha you are so right about the shape of the masks, it is gigantic.

AskMeWhats said...

funny how I've tried so many masks but didn't get the chance to try TFS yet. So many choices! Its so confusing!

MyLifeMits said...

Interesting post..I'm still enjoying the MBD masks, so it's nice to branch out and see what else is available. Maybe pacific mall has them, or even korea town? (even if you find them here, they're probably ridiculously over priced) >_<

mayaari said...

walgreens here offers a lot more of the sheet masks and other face shop products than they do in-store, hopefully a canadian drugstore will pick them up! I definitely need to make a trip to NJ/NY and check out the face shop locations there :)

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