Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Minatures & new winner

On my way back from vacation I picked up the Guerlain Meteorites Minatures:



All 3 swatched - they really don't show up well on pictures as they are more like translucent, slightly tinted powders with very faint shimmer.


They don't look that impressive in swatch photos but do provide a faint glow when used as a face powder. The difference is detectable if applied on the face but I can't capture it properly on my arm, unfortunately. There is some sparkle in the formulation as you can see in the swatch, but there is so little that it isn't noticeable when applied.

Mythic 01

- swatches mostly translucent with a faint lavender tone



Pink Fresh 02

- swatches mostly translucent with a pink tone



Beige Chic 03

- swatches mostly translucent with a beige-champagne tone.



This set is the Asian Seasons Limited Edition set so it has a different pattern from the standard Meteorites on the sides as you can see above. Although pretty, the box is still made of cardboard. Also the powder from each container tends to fly everywhere when you open and close the box.

I was actually disappointed in the size of these minatures. I had googled pictures of previous Minatures releases before, and they contained more product and had a cute pink brush as well. These, although in special packaging, had no brush and only contained 7g of product. Although Paris B had warned me they were small, these were even smaller than I had thought! Considering they retailed for US$67 that means you're paying $22+ for each colour...which doesn't contain very much! Oh well, I guess it would take me years to finish a full sized Guerlain Meteorites anyway.

Oh and I should note the pics above are wayyyy zoomed in. In real life each container is approximately the same diameter as a MAC blush.

Anyway, I still didn't hear back from the person who won the Tarte giveaway, and more than enough time was given so I used Random.org to pick another winner:

Comment #3 = MJ

Congratulations! Please email me within 3 days with your shipping address to claim your prize :)


Jess said...

Oh, the miniature boxes look so adorable!

PB said...

Eeks! Yes those are tiny but it works great as a "taster" - now maybe you gotta look into the new packaged ones for summer? ;)

Connie De Alwis said...

those mini meteorites are so cute! But I can imagine how tiny they area. They apparently last a really long time though so you should be able to get quite a lot of uses with these. just make sure not to drop any of the balls...

Lulu said...

omg so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

ahh i have the mini version of a the first one... it does give a nice glow. thanks for the review.. shal remember not to pick them up at the duty free!

fuzkittie said...

The packaging is soooo pretty!! I wonder if the loose ones would work better for me than the pressed one.

ChyiX2 said...

Haha, the miniatures look so cute! However that is kinda pricey for such small boxes...

Swtest2Lips said...

Wow the packaging is so pretty! I have the older three set with the brush and I have around 2 layers of the balls. This set def has less products, but I think the beautiful packaging semi makes up for it!

mayaari said...

that looks like a nice way to try out all of the meteorites without having to buy individual jars. I have mythic and it's a nice highlight/lightening powder. They've definitely made their products smaller though - my mom used (maybe still uses?) Mythic and I remember the jar on her vanity was a lot bigger than the cardboard containers they sell them in now...pretty sure it was closer to the size of a P&J translucent powder container

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