Monday, May 3, 2010

So much to try, so little time

I actually didn't wear much makeup when I was on vacation. I thought I would, but most of the time the weather was just too hot. Plus I didn't have anyone to impress since the bf wasn't around anyway :P Thus this weekend I really felt like putting on a full face just because it had been about 2 weeks since I'd done a proper look.

Purple remains my favourite eyeshadow colour, so I figured I would try these two Canadian products - the Annabelle mineral pigment dust in Violet Vibe and Vasanti shimmer powder in Twilight.

The Annabelle pigment has been reformulated recently to improve the colour payoff and texture. I used to own the pigment dusts in Azure and Cool Mint and they were quite good, but I think the texture is definitely improved on this new version. The old versions were a bit too fine and 'dusty'. The new version in Violet Vibe is still fine and blendable but is easier to control (ie not as much flyaway shimmer).


I'm not a fan of the packaging because I like having a lid to swirl colours around in, but at least its quite spill proof.


The purple is gorgeous! It reminds me of MAC's pigment in Violet. This is a dry swatch, for a more intense look you can also use it wet.


The Vasanti Shimmer Powder is a darker eggplant purple.


The packaging is a clear plastic pot with a silver lid which looks good however I find the cap a bit stiff and hard to unscrew.


It blends easily as well and works great with a smoky eye or contour colour. Just make sure to do your eyeshadow first before foundation, as there will be fallout since it is a loose powder.

Here's my look using these two products:



Full breakdown of what I used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
silver MAC eyeshadow (from the Graphic Garden palette)
Annabelle loose pigment in Vivid Violet
Vasanti Shimmer Powder in Twilight
Maybelline gel liner in Eggplant
Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions mascara

Cargo blu_ray concealer
Lunasol Water Cream Foundation
Sana Uruoitaishi spray

Guerlain Beige Chic Meteorites
MAC Emote blush
Canmake cream blush 07

Bourjois So Delicat Lip Cream in Rose Poudre 51



If you're a frequent reader, you might notice I'm using a LOT of new products in this look...things that I really want to review but will probably do in another post, otherwise this post might just carry on and on :P If there is a particular one you want done first though feel free to request :)


fuzkittie said...

That purple is sooo gorgeous!! Very mysterious looking! I agree, when my bf isn't around I just look like the walking dead. :P

MyLifeMits said...

oh my ...aren't those colours ever pretty! Thanks for the Vasanti review - I have never tried that line before, but always wonder about them.

Connie De Alwis said...

the Vasanti shadow looks really good! that's a pretty color :)

beautyparler said...

I love purples! And the lip shade looks great with the eyes, great combo!

Catherine said...

Beaaauuuuuutiful! I love the lip/cheek combo too!

Anonymous said...

this is the 3rd purple look ive see on my blog roll... must be a sign to dig one out :P Looks very pretty on you :D

prettymom said...

the purple is so pretty! it looks gorgeous on you.

ChyiX2 said...

The Vasanti powder looks so pretty. Is it only available in Canada?

Tine said...

Ooooh gorgeous purple! <3!

Miss IPP said...

I'm loving this pink pout on you! I have to admit... I kinda love Violet Vibe too ;o) lol

Lavender said...

love this color! thanks for sharing

FB @ said...

You have convinced me that purple could work on my eyes as an eyeshadow and not just as an eyeliner!!!!!

I've only stuck with neutrals so far, but I'd like to venture out...

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