Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Give Me Fever the name of this pink hued gloss I received from Balmshell to try :)


Balmshell glosses, have a unique packaging style - the gloss on one end and a cute floating art keychain on the other side, that can be removed to be attached as a keychain. (Full details in my previous review of Darling You Look Fabulous.)


When swatched, the colour is a sheer medium pink. It runs neither cool nor warm so it would suit both cool and warm complexions.


Lip swatch. Note my lips are on the pigmented side so it would show up lighter on someone with lighter lip pigmentation.


The gloss is similar to the other Balmshell glosses I've reviewed previously. They all have a vanilla flavour, and a slightly sticky feel but not to the extent of MAC lipglasses.

And of course you need to check out the key chain portion of the gloss. This one has a pink slider that makes it look like the girl is getting the hots for the cute guy and starts blushing...


Anyway, if you haven't already you should check out Sephora's sale on the Balmshell glosses! 50% off, need I say more?


Angie | said...

haha i'm a sucker for things with sliders. i used to collect those pens. super adorable :D

enchi said...

that looks nice..:)
love the color!!:)

Much love,
enchi :3

Anonymous said...

ahahahah the key chain part for this is AWESOME XD I wanted to shoeaholic one cause of my obsession for shoes, but this would totally be number two!

Anonymous said...

I just saw your elf comment.
The brushes are typically sold at $1.50. And Ive seen the eye blending brush, shadow brush, and some sort of blush/contour brush.
but not at all locations. They usually have one, but not all. I just hope that they start fully carrying the stuff. Beats paying the shipping~

izumi said...

aaawwww hahaa the packaging is so cute!

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