Thursday, July 22, 2010

Koji Curving Eyelash Curler 38mm

I'm back from my work trip! Thanks to all those that visited and/or commented even though I haven't had much time to work on the blog recently. I didn't have internet access except for a brief moment in the middle of my trip, so all I did was moderate blog comments.

Anyway, for now here is a review of the Koji 38mm curler I've been meaning to do for a while!

This is the latest curler from Koji I believe. It boasts a 38mm curvature, which is supposedly more suitable for Asian eyes.


It comes with 2 replacement pads as well:


I got this from eBay either at or close to retail, which I think is about US$17? (Let me know if you know anywhere else to get this cheaper). It is definitely on the pricer side, similar to what a Shiseido curler would cost at Sephora.

However, I think its worth the price, especially if your curler either pinches your eyelids or tends to not curl your lashes properly. Here are my lashes curled with the Koji curler - I think its quite good at getting most of my lashes, especially the outermost corner.


The curvature is a little different from other curlers I've tried, so it does take a few tries to get the hang of it. The first few times, it crimped my lashes instead, since I was so used to my ELF curler which is mechanical so there is some resistance when clamped that helps pad my lashes. Most likely I was just pressing too hard.

The Koji curler just works best if clamped gently for just a few seconds, and repeated multiple times through lashes rather than just once.

Just to show you how different this curler is, here's some side by side pictures of it with my other curler, from ELF. In all pictures the Koji curler is on the left and ELF curler on the right.


The curler is definitely more curved, which helps pinch my eyelids less:


It is also flatter, which probably suits Asian eyes more as ours aren't as deep set.


The width is also wider, which is more forgiving on more eyeshapes.


Here is the pic of my lashes curled with Koji again for comparison with ELF:


Lashes curled with the ELF curler:


Granted these are not the same eye but it shows you how the Koji curls even the outermost corner of the lashes properly, unlike the ELF curler. For the record, I've tried the Shiseido curler before and it most definitely pinched my eyelids >.< Thats the reason why I had been sticking with ELF until now, even though it doesn't do the best job. Shu Uemura is another option, but considering it is more expensive and doesn't allow refills, the Koji curler works out to be cheaper in the long run.

Hope this review helps, since the Koji curler isn't widely available to try! I think its worth the price though if you have not been satisfied with most curlers sold in the Western market.


Anonymous said...

I read that shiseido changed their curlers a now im worried...
so if all else fails, I will have to look into this~ I like that they come with two replacements. unlike some other brands.

annabelle palette should still be at SDM, I think I saw it last week in my area...I hope so cause I do want to pick up another eventually...when I can buy stuff again :P

theotherworldly said...

Hi, first time delurking ... I'm also looking out for a good eyelash curler! I'm currently based in Singapore and have spotted these curlers at the local Sasa, but it's awful that they don't have testers for curlers :( I have quite large slightly cat eyes, and I just can't seem to find a good curler.

Thanks for the careful comparison! I'll look out for those things you mentioned, like curvature and flatness and corners. Subtle but vital.

MiuMiu said...

i loooooooove this curler, works so much better than other ones cuz sometimes i pinch my eyes :O

Unknown said...

koji curler looks a lot more better than ELF...i'm currently using shu uemura and it's working out great. I think I will try out koji next time. thx!

Catherine said...

I LOVE Koji curlers!! I use the M&N Soft Curve Shallow Type one which I think used to be their flattest curler (can't remember the curve radius). It works so well for my eye shape and is so cheap! (I got mine for $6.50 at Marukai and I think you can get it cheaper online.)

And fwiw, both Shu and Shiseido pinched my eyelids really bad (and so did Tarte, BE, etc) so chances are the Shu wouldn't have worked for you anyway.

~Lisa said...

Sounds really great! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to et my first eyelash curler and have it be able to work on me. I still love my Revlon one to bits! ^^

Jess said...

Great review! I'm glad that it works for you!

I have this Koji curler too (it was actually my first Koji curler), but it doesn't work out for me... so, it is just laying in my drawer. Maybe, I'm going to sell it at my blog sale. ;)

izumi said...

ooooo! interesting :3 sounds like it'll be good, i rarely curl my lashes because my lash curler just kind of sucks.

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