Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quick Konad tutorial

This was requested a few weeks ago by a few. I'm no expert yet so this is just a basic, barebones tutorial.

Here's what you will need:

1. Nailpolish remover
2. Suitable polish for stamping*
3. Konad scraper
4. Konad stamper
5. Image plate


Step 1: Use a paper towel (not a tissue or anything that leaves annoying lint behind) to clean the plate, the stamp surface, and the scraper.


Step 2: Apply a thin coat of polish on the top of the desired pattern.



Step 3: Scrape the pattern in 1 motion, thus removing excess polish.


Step 4: Quickly roll over the pattern with your stamper - don't wait too long after scraping!


If you didn't scrape off too much or take too long, the pattern should transfer easily:


Don't worry if the excess polish transfers too. You'll see below that because the stamping surface is concave, it won't get stamped on accidentally.

Step 5: Orient the stamper to whatever position you want the pattern to be. Press down and roll it gently on your nail from one side to the other. The pattern should transfer onto your nail now:


*For best results, you either can use the Konad polish, or any polish with a thicker consistency. Metallic/chrome finishes tend to work best as well. I've tried some thinner polishes that just won't transfer well onto the stamp no matter what.


Chelsea White said...

I have seen so many videos and posts on the konad stamp i love it so much ordering mine very soon :D

lots of love

MyLifeMits said...

The Konad makes things nice and easy :) I remember when I was in Vegas (I wasn't into doing my nails at that time), this salesperson kept on applying different designs on my nails hoping I would like a design. Unfortunately, I kept saying "no"... lol

As for the nailpolish: I went to the Cloverdale Winners. The polishes were hidden though. They were at the bottom on one of those small towers that display a whole bunch of products. G'luck with your search! btw thanks for your input on the Seche Vite :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I might need this plate...will have to look into it XD
have fun w stamping lately? :P

AskMeWhats said...

Cute, I own a "konad" looking set and used it only once :D

Susie said...

Nice tutorial. I LOVE Konading. :)
Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't remember who has entered.
I'm having a new giveaway:

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love it. So cute! I'd get one but I'm a klutz. :\

~Lisa said...

I love Konads!! I got one but I've been really lazy with nails for the past who knows how long =/

izumi said...

ooo, how fun. i was always worried that konad would be way too difficult.. and i totally don't think i would use it to pay for it xD but it DOES look fun. and quite a bit easier than i thought, but i'm sure it just takes lots of practice.

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