Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elle article on the Chanel 2.55

Thank you for all the well wishes and encouragement from my last post :) Well things will still be pretty busy but I thought I'd share an article from Elle Canada on the history and manufacturing process of Chanel 2.55, one of my dream bags :D

Each page is enlargeable by clicking on it. Sorry I couldn't get better scans - I actually don't have a scanner, these were taken with my camera.

If you enjoyed that you might also be interested in this article on the making of Mulberry's Alexa bag :)


Anonymous said...

i think im more inclined to buy a mulberry alexa than a chanel (there's a HUGE waiting list for the alexa, sob sob)

but interesting article. I really miss reading English magazines haha

jewels said...

thanks! i was planning to buy myself a 2.55 too...but still coudln't make my decision btw the medium size or the jumbo.

Aradani said...

so much work into a bag.... oh high luxury. I like to ogle these things but I could never probably pony up the dough lol. Thanks for sharing this.

S said...

WOw, thanks for sharing the article! We often forget to think about the amount of work that is put into making a gorgeous bag!

Cinnabunnie said...

hey blu! hope you are doing well ^^ i nominated you for the sunshine blog award.

suzie wuzie said...

the chanel bag is on my wishlist of bags to own but i'm torn between a mulberry one now!

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