Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to school!

I'm so sorry to have not posted for over 2 weeks! My program has been quite hectic since the start of September...I won't bore you with the details, but basically there have been events non stop that we are required to go to, and a massive amount of readings and assignments that started even before the first class. I shouldn't complain though, after all I better be getting my money's worth! :P

I also caught the flu/cold late last week though so it has limited whatever brain matter I have to use for school and little else :P Anyway I'm feeling better today, and its Friday, so I might as well catch up on the things I'd planned to post :)

First - some back to school basics. I planned this post about 2 weeks ago so it may be too late...but if you're looking to make a few new additions to your makeup collection these may be useful.

For a neutral day look:


L'oreal Extension Beauty Tubes
Recommended because this mascara is waterproof and smudgeproof, yet removes easily with water. Word of warning - it does weigh down lashes a bit. However it is still a decent dupe for Blinc with a cheaper price tag.

Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Sunset Seduction
Great set of neutrals, especially if you just can't let go of summer colours yet :)

L'oreal HIP gel liner in Brown
Brown complements the neutrals, plus emphasizes eyes without the harshness of black. HIP liners are pretty comparable to MAC but more affordable.

Annabelle Zebra bronzer
The most natural bronzer you will find suited for even the palest skin tones. Does not look orange at all, rather it adds the sun-kissed glow you wished you could maintain from summer. Previously reviewed here.

Joe Fresh cream lipstick in Strawberry
Gorgeous colour with excellent pigmentation, and a temptingly low price tag of $6. Previously reviewed here.

Annabelle Volume Lip in Cherryoke
Fragrance-free, nonsticky semi-sheer gloss - perfect for non lipstick wearers. Previously reviewed here.

For a look focusing on the eyes:


Revlon Colorstay Felt Tip Liner
I would normally recommend Japanese pen style liners as they are the best, but for a student on a budget a local drugstore alternative is probably better. This liner stays all day without budging - good for taking a look from day to night.

Annabelle Grafix eyeshadow trio
Just the right colours for the classic smokey eye. You could also change it up by substituting another colour for the silver shade. Previously reviewed here.

Milani blush in Mai Tai
Okay this isn't really available in Canada, but in the US. The colour is just the right shade of rosey pink. Sorry Canadians but Joe Fresh does make pretty good blushes too for just $4 :)

Annabelle Volume Lip in Sweet Tweet
Fragrance-free, nonsticky sheer pale pink gloss. Previously reviewed here.

I also picked up a nude polish for school, since most of my polishes consisted of gaudy glitters and brightly coloured cremes.


I settled for L'oreal Sand Castle since it was the closest to my skin tone that I could find, that still looked opaque. What I really wanted was a mannequin hands look, but this still has a touch of pink in it that doesn't quite fit the bill.


With flash:


Its still a pretty colour nonetheless. I may have found a better colour in Zoya's Gretchen though - to be reviewed in the near future!

Finally, at least for now...I got a haircut. Now I know not everyone was a fan of this so yeah...even the bf's mom said bluntly to me that it was too short. But hair grows out anyway, and I do like how I don't have to bother with detangling hair after a shower or straightening it in the mornings.




For any interested, I went to Maya Salon again in Koreatown, but since my old stylist wasn't there I went with one of his friends, Masumi. I thought she did a great job - she listened to me and gave good feedback whenever I wasn't sure about something.

Anyway, I might colour my hair too once I get bored with it. I still have a box of Kao Prettia hair colour sitting on my dresser that I've been meaning to try since April :D


Sheila said...

I love that hairstyle! I got my hair cut like that to prepare for university and now I'm in 4th year and its already down to my waist (even with a few cuts/trims in between), so yes, hair does grow really quickly XD

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Wow you went all out with a short style :) Great to know that the new stylist did a decent job. Good luck with school xo

Rica said...

Did I see you with the new hair cut? I wanted to go to Maya Salon last time when I get my hair cut, but they were fully booked and I didn't think ahead. Which stylist there would you recommend? I totally want to try it out next time!

Good luck on studies. I should start too ><.


Unknown said...

The haircut is actually really good on you :) There is something so sophisticated about short hair :)

FB @ said...

You and I must be on the same brainwave right now.. because I want to chop all my hair off. Like super short. Shorter than yours! :)

I also want to wholeheartedly recommend Annabelle for medium-skinned girls. It's more of a GOLDEN dust that is so flattering on everyone.. they really hit it out of the park. Not muddy or brown at all.

And the price is fab. First bronzer I've ever purchased and certainly the last (will take me 5 years to use it anyway)

Anonymous said...

<3 it!
kk, and now im excited to see it in person XD

Cinnabunnie said...

i love your new hair! i think it looks really nice on you: fresh and cool!

Lavender said...

Nice hair cut. Soem highlight will make it even nicer.

Anonymous said...

I love your bob!!! I think it suits you - it adds edge to your look for sure! I think mothers tend to prefer long (my mother was like that) perhaps it's suppose to feminine. I respect that you made a decision to go short! I've done it twice in the last 3 years lol. I think I'll stick to mid-length.

Cool tips for makeup for school!! I don't think I was wearing much make during uni lol

izumi said...

oh i LOVE your hair!! i think it looks great on you. i could never pull off something quite that short but i've always been envious of girls who could. love it!

Unknown said...


You wear it beautifully

Nunu said...

I actually love that hairstyle on you! it's so fresh looking!
I really wanted to cut my hair like that about 2 yrs ago but the hairstylist told me that my face is too fat and I'll look bad =.="

PB said...

I love your hair! I think it makes you look even younger than you already do - which might be perfect for back to school ;)

LaLaaLove said...

Whoa, I love the bold cut - especially the bangs <3

I've seen Milani in Canada a couple times - They sell it at Sears and the Superstore if I recall correctly. The selection isn't huge though - It's just a tiny little section of Milani goods.

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