Friday, November 23, 2007

I <3 Dior

This looks so good I want to spend the rest of my Sephora giftcard/store credit on it right away:

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Probably looks great only to me but I don't know, its just that the case design is so much more classy and tasteful compared to the MAC ones which are made of plastic. It also feels like a better quality than the ones by brands such as LORAC and Urban Decay, which are basically cardboard palettes covered with felt or beads.

The colors are quite pigmented too when I swatched them on my hand at Sephora today. They have a good mix of matte browns and slightly shimmery brown-neutrals in the palette, which would make it PERFECT for work purposes and photography purposes. I've been thinking of getting some work-suitable shadows that are also matte, and they could also double up as flash-friendly eyeshadows if I wanted a photo-friendly look*.

Of course, it doesn't help me that its "only at Sephora", and of course, "Limited Edition". :((((

I tried on the Dior Addict Ultra-Reflect gloss today in Raffia orange, and I love it! I would never have thought of trying out their glosses, but one of my favourite bloggers Fei recommended it on her blog in that colour, and another member on ABB also raved about the gloss in the colour "A Stitch of Brown". Now I want to go back and get that second colour....but man thats another CDN$31 :( . Plus the 14% tax in Ontario. Man, I'd feel better if I could just go to the States and pay 20% + 14% less.

*Shimmery products being a no-no when flash is involved in pictures due to the resulting "oily" effect.

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