Monday, November 5, 2007

time flies

i don't really have the time to make a full post. just felt like complaining to someone that i have only a few more days to enjoy being 22 :(

i'm like a girl that doesn't want to grow up. :(


Stephie said...

awww i know how you feel! i keep telling myself that this is my last year to be a teen (19)... and it freaks me out to think about REALLY having to grow up.. it's scary huh?

i hope you enjoy your 22 as much as you can, but hey, 23 isn't too bad either! on the brightside, you've been able to drink (legally hehehe) for over a year now, go arashi! :D

alien man?! said...

-_- o, for pete's sake... i'm 27

watercoloursky said...

haha true. though i'm not much of a drinker....but its still nice to not have restrictions on what places i can or can't enter. speaking of which, i remember being asked for ID when I went to see Kill Bill 2 about two years ago...cuz it was rated 18A in Canada and I guess the guy wasn't sure if i was over 18 or not lol.

alienman: its not really the age....i've had a private freakout before each bday since i was 20 haha. i think its mostly because when i was a kid i couldn't imagine being even 18, and with every year that goes by i just feel like i'm the same kid but have more things expected of a kid in an adult form :P

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