Thursday, December 13, 2007

Brief, mini review of Everyday Minerals blushes

I'm still not 100% sure that Everyday Minerals foundation works for me but their blushes are excellent. That being said I find it hard to order off their website because the colour descriptions and swatches are still not that accurate. So here's a brief overview of the EM blushes I have.

Swatches with my own descriptions of the finish:

From left to right top row:

Sunday Brunch (matte ruddy pink)
B&B (sorta orangy peach with sparkle)
Chit Chat (medium pink with sparkle)
Pink Ribbon (light pink with silver sparkle)

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From left to right, bottom row:

Apple (matte rosy pink)
Weekend Getaway (light brown toned peach, matte)
All Smiles (matte bright peach)
Plum Dust (matte, slightly burnt pink?)
Once and Again (matte wine-ish, rosy pink)
Jump Rope (lighter, but more wine-ish pink with sparkle)

Most EM blushes tend to be pigmented, so you should apply sparingly.

Really pigmented:

Sunday Brunch, B&B, Once and Again

- very obvious colours, should be applied sparingly with skunk brush unless you have a darker complexion. I recommend swiping the loaded brush on your wrist first to get rid of the initial excess blush before applying to face.
- B&B can look quite orangy....I definitely wouldn't recommend it for fair skintones. Personally I doubt I'll ever use this because it doesn't look good with my skintone.

Moderately pigmented:

Apple, All Smiles, Jump Rope, Chit Chat

- Takes a couple swipes with a skunk brush to get the perfect colour. Good pick even for light skintones.

Light, not very pigmented:

Weekend Getaway, Pink Ribbon

- these I have to pack on to get them to show up, but I like to use them for FOTDS when I play up the eyes/lips and tone down the rest of the face instead)
-definitely targeted at lighter skintones.

Hope this helps someone~


Anonymous said...

wow that's a lot of blushes...I have samples of B&B and All Smiles and I find them both really really pigmented, but I like them a lot. Chit Chat looks really pretty, too bad I can't wear pink blushes :(

watercoloursky said...

really? what about warm toned pinks? something like Apple might still work for you.
i'm still scared to wear out B& looks orangey on me :S

alien man?! said...

owie, some of those blushes look like bruises. chit chat looks REALLY pretty, though.

this is really good cuz i just assumed that all of their blushes were like Sunday Brunch and very pigmented

thanks for doing this

watercoloursky said...

haha i guess they do look like bruises now that you mention it.
yeah sunday brunch is actually more pigmented than most of their other blushes. glad the swatches help :)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Thanks for posting this! :D I was just compiling an order of more EDM blushes and this helped alot. :D I ended up getting Chit Chat, Apple, Plum Dust, and Girl's Day. :]

They're having a generous special right now, here's what it says on the site if you're interested! :D

"Enter discount code QsBLfs in your cart to get 10% off your order before December 31th! And all orders over $30 (after discount and minus shipping) receive Premium Fan Brush, Premium Brow Brush, and Premium Lip Brush (while supplies last), as well as two exclusive FULL SIZE eye shadow colors in the Holiday Spirit, Ginger Bread Man a beautiful bronze shade with festive orange sparkles, and Tinsel Time and gorgeous antique gold shade perfect for all occasions!"

Grayburn said...

It is 7 am here and I just peeked at the EDM site and they are having a sale! I'm thinking about pink ribbon but after seeing your opinion on it, I think I won't.


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