Monday, December 10, 2007

NYX Haul

Haul from Sunday:

NYX single eyeshadow in Lime Juice
NYX single eyeshadow in Lanikai
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean
NYX Jumbo lip pencil in Pink Nude
NYX pigment in Turquoise
NYX pigment in Ocean
NYX liquid eyeliner in Electric Blue

Samples from Sephora of Fresh Freshface Primer, and Fresh concealer in #2

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I wasn't planning to get any eyeshadows at all....just the pigments. But I just happened to spot Lanikai (the blue) and was struck by how it was such a bright, almost cobalt blue. Had to have it. And then I spotted Lime Juice and man, together they really look like a good dupe of the Nars eyeshadow duo Rated R:

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Swatched the Nars one at Sephora and the colours ARE a tad brighter, however I think the NYX one is still pretty close. Just need to pack the colour a bit more. Also, the NYX ones together cost CDN$12, compared to CDN$31 for the Nars duo.

By the way these eyeshadows also look VERY similar to the MAC Paint Pots Pharaoh and Electro Sky from the McQueen collection. I'm sure the Paint Pot colours are more intense though since they are cream-based.


Lime Juice, Lanikai

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Electric Blue liquid liner, Pink Nude lip pencil, Black Bean eye pencil.

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Didn't think of swatching the pigments since there are so many swatches of them already...

I originally wanted to get the Jumbo eye pencil in Yoghurt to use as a eyeshadow base, however Pharma Plus drugstore didn't have it :( so I bought the Pink Nude lip pencil thinking that it was an eye pencil....didnt' realise it until I got home. Gonna see if it still works ok as an eyeshadow base. If not, I can probably use it as a lipcolour base at least.


Anonymous said...

those eyeshadow colors look so good! I've always been tempted by Rated R, but I can't imagine ever using those bright colors. I can't believe the NARS duo is only 31CN!! It costs $31 in the US! Although I guess it evens out because those NYX shadows are quite expensive .

alien man?! said...

If I had known about NYX before NARS, I probably would have gone for those two colors instead of Rated R, even if the color payoff isn't as great. That's how cheap I am, haha.

How do you like the liquid liner?

watercoloursky said...

petitebelle: oops...actually my bad, its not CDN$31 :( though I'd be happy if it was because since the two currencies are on par anyways. i think its closer to CDN40

alienman: that is exactly what i did haha. i was eyeing the NARS one because the colours look quite unusual but after seeing the NYX I had to get them.

watercoloursky said...

alienman: I haven't tried the liquid liner yet but will let you know :)

Anna said...

wow the color looks exact

Anonymous said...

Hi how much were the NYX pigments?

watercoloursky said...

hi anonymous! umm I think they cost $ around $5.99 canadian dollars (give or take a dollar) at Rexall PharmaPlus drugstore. Sounds expensive because its Canada....but I've heard that its cheaper at or even Ebay.

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