Sunday, February 3, 2008

QUO duo fibre/skunk brush - an almost review

QUO is a brand of cosmetics found in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart. They have a duo fibre brush selling for CDN$20, which is much cheaper than the MAC 187.

A few days ago I saw it on sale at 20% off, so I figured why not give it a try?


The brush is labelled as a bronzing brush. The size of the brush is comparable if not a bit bigger than the 187 and the Sephora version.


I noticed that the dark coloured hairs are brown hairs mixed in with the black. The feel of the fibres are soft, but they feel ...more fake/synthetic...compared with the 187 or Sephora brush. I know the 187 is partly synthetic hence the term duo fibre, but somehow this QUO one has an even more synthetic feel.

So I didn't even get around to actually using it with makeup, because all I did was try brushing it over my arm, and this is what happens:


And it gets more and more static the more you brush it over something.


So with that I didn't even bother washing it and trying it with makeup. If the brush is going to get static charge after using it a little, I can't work with that! It left an unpleasant feel on my skin, which is a definite no. I was quite disappointed with it, and am definitely going to be returning this. If I really need another duo fibre brush I'll try something else cheaper than this like Coastal Scents perhaps.


mayaari said...

sorry to hear that brush didn't work out for you :( I've been using the Coastal Scents duo fiber brush, and it seems to do a decent job. It turns the water a little blue-gray whenever you clean it, but nothing too concerning. The only thing I don't like is that it sheds a bit when I use it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review I was thinking about looking into the Quo skunk brush but now I'll think I'll look into other options.

Mayaari: I got the Coastal Scents duo fiber brush and mine sheds too (short and long black hairs). :( I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who had a problem. Everyone else seemed to like it so I was surprised when it shed on me.

Aiz said...

I saw that brush the other day at SDM and i brushed it over my arm too. I thought of buying it but I guess it's no good. Thanks for the review! I'm planning to buy the Coastal Scents one.

Anonymous said...

Aww that sucks about the brush, at least you are able to return it though. To be honest I dont' really get what's the big hype about duo-fiber brushes. I mean yea they are multi-functional but I actually prefer my brushes to perform only ONE function each lol because it confuses the hell out of me what I should actually do with this brush. I have the Sephora version and I use it to apply blush and it works OK, I think I prefer to use my fluffy Lancome blush brush or an angled blush brush for that job. As for applying liquid or cream foundation...I don't use those, and I don't like to use it to apply mineral makeup because it tends to make it go on more heavy and cakey (go figure). So now I don't know what to use it for!! The head is also too big for my face sigh.

alien man?! said...

what the... i'd laugh about the static if it weren't for the fact it costs a whopping 20 bucks

i still haven't noticed any color issue w/my CS duo fiber but maybe it's cuz of my bathroom lighting. the shedding is def noticeable tho not as bad as my Borghese face brushes were... maybe it's cuz i wipe it off w/Shu instead of using water so the glue isn't disturbed as much? no idea...

good luck finding that right duo fiber brush

Elizabeth said...

DO try the Coastal Scents duo fiber you will LOVE IT. because i love mine! :)

na said...

I remember when the 187 first became popular, people were looking everywhere for dupes. I ended up picking one from Flirt! for about $8, and it definitely was not worth it, lol.

I'm not super fond of my 187 anyway, so I haven't been going out of my way to find a dupe, but apparently the Costal Scents one isn't bad.

Too bad the brush didn't work out! For $20, it should've been something good!

(g)ezebel said...

hmm. i think you should still try it out with makeup. the static won't be there once there's makeup on it. *shrugs*

i have three 187 brushes. :0/

watercoloursky said...

gezebel: y'know, you have a point. I'll definitely try it out tomorrow and see how it works. my initial thought was that the static would repel the mineral makeup and the powder would fall off, but i tried it on my arm just now with makeup and it seems ok.

but one other thing i noticed when i tried buffing the makeup on my arm, is that it sheds quite a bit :(

emilee: yeah i expected the brush hairs to feel somewhat similar to the sephora one at least.

alienman: i was pretty shocked to find the static-y feeling....but i'll give it another shot anyways.

petitebelle: hmm i like my sephora one for mineral makeup actually :) i guess its a matter of preference. I found that it deposits mineral makeup better than the 187SE that I have because the hairs are just a touch stiffer. the brush head for this Quo one is actually larger than the Sephora one too.

mayaari, bluey, and pheleen: thanks for your comments! in light of my finding that its ok once makeup is loaded onto the brush, i think i'm gonna give it another try using it on my face. But I did notice some shedding :( so if thats going to be an issue with you then it won't be any good.

will report on the results when i try it on my face :)

(g)ezebel said...

hmm. a $20 brush still shouldn't shed...

i got ardell invisiband wispies (not the demi ones); ardell luckies; andread mod 26 and 28; and gypsy 93 and 96. oh, and the ardell individual lashes (that i have no idea how to put on).

psychoexgirlfriend said...

Hey blue! I have this brush and it's actually one I use everyday,...but only to apply powder, not bronzer since I find it far too big. I didn't get any static on my brush though, so it's odd that you got some on yours. Word of note, I'd wash it before I apply it to my face though, since there sometimes is a film on it. I quite love this brush though so it's too bad that you didn't like yours. :(

watercoloursky said...

gezebel: i know...:(

psychoexgf: thats interesting, maybe i got a bad brush ? hmm...if it doesn't work out after i wash it i'm gonna see if i can exchange it. thanks for the input!

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